An Overview of MacBook Pro Parts

Posted by johnhrq on October 10th, 2019

When purchasing a MacBook Pro, it is important to learn a little bit about MacBook Pro Parts so that if something goes wrong, you are able to locate the problem and fix it. Because Apple maintains a policy of closed architecture—meaning that the specifications of their brand are not shared with other companies, thus that their computer parts cannot be replaced with parts from other companies—the only way that you can get replacement parts for your MacBook Pro would be from a site like

The function of the MacBook rests on its logic board (the Apple equivalent of a motherboard). All computers rely on a series of choreographed electrical connections, which are generated by user commands, then translated into discrete actions. Although individual pieces of hardware, such as CPUs and graphics cards, perform separately from one another, their actions are coordinated by the logic board. Think of an orchestra’s conductor: he doesn’t play any of the instruments, but he makes sure all the instruments gel together and produce a cohesive performance. The logic board sends information in the form of electrical signals to each piece of peripheral hardware, making sure that they operate according to the user’s commands. In an Apple MacBook, the logic board is undoubtedly the most critical hardware element. If the logic board is not working, nothing else will either.

Another essential element of your MacBook Pro is the battery. A battery is the hardware component that provides your laptop with power, enabling your device to function without a power cord. There are three computer battery types: backup (or CMOS) battery, bridge battery, and main battery. The backup battery stores your laptop’s settings. Without it, you would have to reset the date, time, and other settings each time you powered on your laptop. The bridge battery is a special battery found only in portable computers. It acts as a backup for the main battery, in case you need to replace a malfunctioning main battery without shutting down your laptop. The main battery is the battery we all know: an alternate fount of energy separate from the power source. Without the battery, you would never be able to use your computer on-the-go. It’d be like owning a portable tower. Not useless, but less than ideal.

Even more important is the power supply. A power supply is the piece of hardware that converts electrical current from an outlet into usable power for your MacBook. The power coming from the outlet is called alternating current, because the current is somewhat volatile, reversing its polarity many times a second. A power supply transforms alternating current into direct current via a rectifier. Direct current is stable and does not reverse polarity. Its stability makes it ideal for sending binary signals. A high dose of direct current represents a “1.” A low dose represents a “0.” The power supply stores electrical charge in the battery, which uses the charge when the power supply is not engaged.

At Mac of All Trades, we have all the MacBook Pro Parts you need. From logic boards to batteries, cases, and displays, our team of experts can help you find what part is right for you. All our products endure a 40-point proprietary inspection to ensure functionality, which allows us to sell high-quality products at low prices. We have served the Apple community for over two decades, using our expertise to provide a high level of customer service, which includes offering a 90-day warranty on every product and 14-day return policy. Although we are an eCommerce company, we are easy to reach by phone or email.

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