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Difference between diode laser and alexandrite laser

Posted by hivaco on October 10th, 2019

As you know, you can see the difference between the Alex and Diode laser devices in this article.

Wavelength: There are more and more differences about it. The diode laser reaches a maximum length of 808 nm and the Alexandrite laser reaches 755 nm long
Depth of Use: Due to the longer time available, the Diode laser can be provided to you and allows you to allow the Alexandrite laser in the museum follicle.
Price: Easy type and make of Alexander Laser text The difference with the laser diode is possible and has increased the price. Price of laser diode device with faster access than Alexa. This option is requested by submitting a laser diode request

قیمت دستگاه لیزر دایود
Service: As much as we can make it possible for you, you can increase the price of your laser diode to Alex laser and give you more services and can be easily eliminated.
Skin Type: Diode Laser can be punched to depth below the maximum permissible level of the Axel Laser Wheat, Brunette and Dark Laser, and the Alexa Laser as a Glass and Light Skin Type
Weaker: By accessing the diode laser we can have faster speeds than the Alexandrite laser so you can use the Alexandrite laser in this area and change the Alexa laser to get a nice depth and you can also use them. Give Alexandria laser. Darker skins work better
Cooling: The Cooling Diode laser device may come in contact with your skin surface, if you destroy a device, obtain the Alexander device through access to other products and also be able to use it. I can
Gel Service: Alexandrite laser machine with limited skin handpiece restraint No need for Provided Gel in Diode Laser as mandatory gel treatment level services can be required
Handpiece: Laser diode laser in your home city Handpiece possibly lighter handpiece could be possible with Alexa
Lamp Replacement: The Alexa Laser is used to deliver the Rad Laser to the Laser Radar each time you use the Laser to replace the Laser and provide the laser when servicing.
Extra Services: From Alexandrite Laser It is easily available through labor licenses to take care of you in the Diode Laser Care and Treatment Services

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