How To Protect Your Pet from Heartworms?

Posted by dennishahn on October 11th, 2019

We all love our pets so much and always want to protect them and keep them safe from any sort of disease or problems. Who wouldn’t love to groom their pet so, take your pet to the pet grooming in eastern suburbs or pet grooming in north shore to pamper them? You can also take them to the pet boarding in eastern suburbs to make sure of their proper grooming, training and a lot more. Heartworms are really dangerous for your pets and hence, it is important to keep them away from them. So, we have compiled some amazing tips for you to help you protect your pets from the heartworms.

Protect your pets from heartworms

  • What are heartworms and how are they caused?

in order to protect your pets better you must know what heartworms are. So, heartworms are like worms only that are long and have earthworms or spaghetti like shape and usually lives in the heart of your dog or a small number of cats. These are spread due to infections caused by mosquitoes.

  • Try using sentinel

One can try using sentinel on their dogs who are suffering from heartworms and can be really helpful in protecting them against the heartworms. Using sentinel is safe if taken in a prescribed amount by your veterinarian and can be used for a whole lifetime to keep your pups protected.

  • Take your pet to the heartworm testing

In order to keep your pets safe from heartworms you must first identify and test if your pet is having them in their hearts or have any danger from them. So, in order to make sure add a heartworm testing session in the routine check-up schedule of your pet.

  • Minimize mosquito exposure

Since, heartworms are caused and spread due to mosquitoes’ infections try to keep your pets away from exposure to mosquitoes. It can be irritating for them to be stung by a mosquito and hence, can lead to this serious problem. So, take measures in order to keep them protected from mosquitoes.

  • Treatments for cats

Sadly, there are no treatments available for the cats in such a situation, one is only left with an option of taking precautions which includes flea prevention.

Now, you have a better idea about the precautions that you can take in order to protect your pets from heartworms. You must also visit your veterinarian for better understanding.

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