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We are a part of digital world everything here is now digitalized. We completely rely on these technologies to meet our daily needs. It is now so hard to live without them. There are numerous blessings of this modern world but internet is surely on the top of the list. Internet holds a huge world inside it .They can work, talk, and see people from anywhere in this world through the internet.


If we are talking about computer then I must have to tell you about its popularity these days. It is the mostly used and leading field throughout the world. It is surely a necessity when it comes to advancements .The world of computer is so vast and to understand that there are so many computer courses running out there that consist of many programing languages and advancements of this field. Are you looking for a proper computer education training?  Explore the best computer courses in Karachi with NIST.

National Institute of skilled and training offers the best computer courses in Karachi under qualified instructors and professional environment. Our aim is to provide you the best technical training in a short span of time.


Graphics is a small world with countless usage. It is a need of every company, organization, business or even start ups. Graphical representation is an essential thing to attract audience. You can design logos, brochures, flyers, business cards, video graphics, and etc. NIST offers the best graphic design course in Karachi. NIST‘s Graphic design course in Karachi provides you the best training under professionals and developers. The course duration is of two months. We also offer one month guaranteed internship in our UK based software house. Here are the highlighted objectives of this course.

  • Use industry-standard software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Macromedia Freehand to create and modify visually appealing documents and publications.
  • Have a comprehensive insight into graphic design, production and support services.
  • Produce a variety of original and computer generated graphic projects.
  • Practice various graphic art equipment and software.
  • Apply critical thinking to issues associated with graphic design
  • Compare and contrast key elements of design—such as shape, space, line, color, and texture—with key principles of design—such as unity, variety, and proportion—and use both accurately and thoughtfully in design projects.
  • Understand the use of In Page software along with its importance in graphic design

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