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Posted by Keith McCrow on October 11th, 2019

If you are an aspirant for building your career; professional or amateur; in music, the best option for you is to establish and expand your fan base which could most effectively be done by sharing your music through websites. You can make money by selling your musical talent by getting your music on stores and streaming services. The more your fan base increases, the more popular you get and are enabled to build your own brand of music. As you are aware, any product or service, when branded, finds its own ways of increasing marketability. You need to adopt certain easy steps to get started.

Irrespective of where you are located in the world, you can sell your music online, through reputed music websites so that you find your presence in stores like Spotify and iTunes Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, Tidal, Tik Tok, YouTube, Deezer, iHeart Radio and more than 150 digital stores and streaming services. After you send to the websites, the best of your releases, indicating your choice of stores and streaming services, your music finds presence in the selected stores and you get play-listed and streamed. When you get streamed on Spotify or iTunes, 100% of the sales revenue that emerges is credited to your account.

The proliferation of music production software such as Ableton and Garage Band, with any level of musical talent, you can make your recognition as a music maker.  You can share your tunes and tracks and besides getting recognition, you can build a permanent source of income. If, as a solo musician, DJ, music performer, band or music producer, in a lookout for Sell Your Music Online the best option for you will be to upload your songs and albums by paying a nominal amount to the best online distributor and get paid when your fans get streamed to your music. 

With the increasing popularity of Youtube and social platforms, the Best Music Video Marketing Services has generated huge potentials for the budding, upcoming and branded musical artists. If you are one of them, you should be aware that just performing the best or video-shooting of your performance is not enough. In order to boost the visibility of your video online, you need to have a back-up of suitable promotions and advertisements.

The following are five broader guidelines for making the best use of Best Music Video Marketing Services.

1: Popularity of Websites: In order to reach your target viewers, you can choose to host your video on Youtube, the second largest out of other potential platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo.

2: Optimization of Video Content: Make the content brief and concise to adapt to the patience and time of your prospects and try to use mobile formats like a square or vertical videos.

3: Use of Advertisement: Leverage your advertisement keeping in view your target audience, for getting access to a specific group of fans.

4: SEO-Video: Make your videos, search-engine-optimized so that they linkable and sharable.

5: Sharing in Niche Communities: Your niche being music, you can opt for a Facebook group, Linkedin Group to get facilities for conversation and discussion.

Whether you are an amateur or professional music performer, you can fulfil your ambition by selling your music online and adopting the guidelines for video marketing,

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Keith McCrow is an individual music artist and author of this article who writes about best music video marketing services. He has also written how to sell your music online for monetize.

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