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Posted by Vidhi Malik on October 11th, 2019

When it comes to a clinical trial, a lot of people have questions regarding its perks and process. Well, it is research that is conducted to assess medical, surgical, and behavioral intervention. They are a basic method for researchers to know whether or not the new treatment such as a new diet, drug or a medical device is effective as well as safe on people. Clinical trials are an excellent way to know everything about a pharmaceutical product. You can your enroll your name in the best institute of clinical research and trials. If wondering about the perks, well here are the major five advantages of conducting a clinical trial and those are…

  • One comes up with a treatment to a new disease
  • A chance to play an active role in benefiting the healthcare industry
  • Researchers offer medical care that is needed and quick health check-ups that are included in the treatment
  • An opportunity to get amazing treatment for a health problem
  • Discerning the information and details regarding support resources

Talking about the process, well it entails about four phases that help find the right dosage and the adverse effects on the health if any. After the third phase, researchers usually find a pharmaceutical drug that is safe as well as quite effective and approved by the FDA. These four areas mentioned-below…

  • PHASE I- This experiment is conducted on a small group of people that entails about twenty to eighty people in order to come up with the safe usage of a new drug and all the adverse effects of it.

  • PHASE II- The objective of this phase is to get and discern the initial data on how the drug reacts on a human body that is dealing with a certain health issue. Radically, this entire phase aims at the drug’s effectiveness and entails about a hundred to three hundred people. This phase might last for a few years.

  • PHASE III- This particular phase is all about obtaining and assembling all the information regarding the safety as well as the effectiveness of a drug by learning its reactions on different people and different dosage. This trial is conducted on people ranging from a hundred to almost three thousand people.

  • PHASE IV- Here, the drug or whatever device that one uses; get utilized only when the FDA approves it. The effects and safety of a drug are assessed and monitored in a large group of people.

If you are planning to establish your career in the same then enroll your name in the best college such as the India Clinical Research Institute as it offers wide range of programs for students to choose and build their career in.

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