Sons of Anarchy TV Series and Jax Teller Costumes becomes new trend

Posted by Fauxncotton on October 11th, 2019

Sons of Anarchy, the famous American television series with 4.9 million weekly viewers, was one of the most loved series that was aired from 2008 to 2014. Despite Being off air for a long time, the show is still alive in the many hearts in considered one of the best drama of 2000s, mainly do to it's incredible cast. Hence the show has ended but it can never die. Apart from all the action, thrill, tragedy and crime,all the viewers watching the show were also fan of the costumes that were represented in the show by its characters. Let's discuss some of the main characters and costumes of the series due to which the show was a blockbuster.

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Gemma Teller Morrow

Nobody could mess around with her. Gemma's character was rather interesting and tough. She is the lady who was able to keep the boys in shape and control. Gemma was seen wearing cotton shirt, some of them had  front graphic patterns, with sports jeans and leather jacket that was till her waist. The exquisite jacket was a calfskin jacket with Mandarin pointed collars. It had fit full sleeves with hem cuffs with front zippers and waist belt.

Robert Bobby Elvis Munson

The man with the great sense of humor. Robert's look consisted of blue jeans along with dark blue button down with rolled up sleeves. His Redwood original leather vest really made an impression.

Alex Tig Tragger

The man who was always a little on the edge. He was seen wearing his usual shirt with black long sleeve under the original Redwood leather vest. The vest had pockets on the front chest side. It was a warm tough biker jacket with buttons pulled down.

Juan Carlos Juice Ortiz

The new kid on the block and the person who would do anything for his friends. John usually suited himself in Biker outfit or is seen wearing orange jumpsuit.

Son of and Anarchy Jax Teller outfit

We all totally love the pivot protagonist and main lead role of Jax Teller and his Sons Of Anarchy Costumes. The series really held to the attention of all the bikers. Jax Teller performed his role beautifully. He was trying to find balance in his

life along with being in a  motorcycle club and fulfilling his duties of being a new dad. His character was always in control and he always kept his emotions to himself. The character was played by Charlie Hunnam. The man portrayed his role with full dedication. The fans were totally crazy for him and especially loved his style and his unique dressing sense. In the series he was spotted wearing original leather vest that represented the true biker spirit. The vest is has become very famous since this series. It was of black color and looked very cool and classy, with unique style patches. It was a tough vest , well stiched with sons of Anarchy patch on the back and other badges on the front.  Moreover he liked to wear a Reaper Crew baseball cap backwards. Apart from that he wore two sqare rings that he liked to wear on his left hand. They had two letters SO and NS and thus combined to form the words SONS. On the other hand he always seemed to wear pair of denim jeans with quite a baggy fit. He wore attractive pair of Nike Air Force 1 white sneakers.

Other part of his outfit consist of dark blue hoodie which Jax wore to keep himself warm under his motorcycle cut. It was a sweater hoodie. Jax usually appeared on screen with a flannel shirt with T-shirt underneath the vest that was plain white. He had chains that hang into his pocket from his belt, and attached to his wallet.

His cool look inspired many bikers to adapt to his style. His dressing was perfect according to his character and his style, dressing and appearance has become a new trend even after the series ended.

This show is one of those that are hard to let go of, from unbreakable biker ladies do the burly big biker dudes along with their perfect appearances that matched their character well, this show was an absolute hit.

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