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As one of the landscaping Lake Charles services providers, we like to be ready for our clients anytime. Offering excellent services takes due preparation, good teams and equipment to stay on top of things. Our clients in Lake Charles require different services at different times.

It is hard work for sure, but clients deserve the best. With preparedness, we can help you stay on top of things with your lawn and garden needs.

It is always a good idea to work with credible Lake Charles landscaping services. If you live in southwest Louisiana and you need lawn maintenance services, we are here for you.  

How we will help you with landscaping in Lake Charles

We have a high level of preparedness

Good lawn maintenance companies are always ready to handle the needs of their clients. Because lawn and garden emergencies do happen, most people want a company that can send a team to the ground immediately or as soon as reasonably possible. But we all know how it goes in the warm seasons. There can be too many clients to handle and not enough manpower or equipment to go around.

At Tender Care Lawn Service, we have continually improved our equipment collection to ensure that we have everything that we need to serve our customers better. In addition, we have a big network of suppliers and sales people so that we can always get the best price deals for our customers. If you are in Lake Charles LA and you need lawn supplies, products or anything related to lawn care, we will get you what you need.  

Our business model is scalable. We foresee a lot of growth in the future as our satisfied clients refer us to others in their area. To handle this projected growth, we keep growing our teams, bringing in experts in different arenas of lawn and garden care.

Whatever kind of service you need from landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA, we have an expert team for it. Whether you need your soil analyzed for nutrient content, turf pest control services, rock garden installation … anything, just give us a call.

Organization and scheduling

As one of the companies offering landscaping in Lake Charles to a large client base, we like to stay on top of things so that we leave all of our clients satisfied. One of the ways that we do this is by organizing our schedules according to the needs of our clients.

We create our schedules in such a way that all the clients needing our services in the same neighborhood are served on the same day. That increases our efficiency and reduces our cost which in turn benefits our clients.

Our office team is trained to be meticulous because customer’s needs change from time to time. Since different customers may have needs that require different equipment, our office staff ensure that all your requirements are fully understood and confirmed before scheduling a day.

When a TCLS team moves to a neighborhood, they do it fully prepared for the jobs at hand. This saves our customers and us a lot of time.

Efficient office and ground teams

We realize that no matter how good our lawn care technology and equipment is, without the best manpower, there is no impact. After all, it takes real people to do the job.

Our staff members are carefully selected for their skill, experience, and passion in lawn care. The office staff members know how to do scheduling, offer excellent customer care and support. They also do follow-ups on pending projects slated for the future.

Our ground teams are efficient. We like to call back our clients and find out whether they have been served to their satisfaction. This is very important to us as your vote of confidence enables us to get more clients for our Lake Charles landscaping services.

For the benefit of our clients and us, we articulate a good weather policy. That way, our customers and we know where we stand if the weather turns. However, we will do what we can to ensure that the job is done as soon as possible.

Using technology

We use the customer relations software and applications for scheduling, estimating, billing, and follow up. Over the time that we have incorporated technology in our office, we have seen tremendous positive change in the way we do business, how we do customer follow up and how we organize our teams. The culmination is customer satisfaction, which is our chief intention all along.

We have overhauled our equipment so that we only use the latest in the market. Our lawn mowers and earthmovers use the best engines to minimize emissions. As we offer services for landscaping in Lake Charles, we ensure that we do Mother Nature a good turn.

For hedge trimming and maintenance, we use electric trimmers. We find these more practical, efficient, and easy to use. We also encourage homeowners to choose similarly if they must buy one for themselves.

We also offer recommendations and suggestions when our customers approach us with questions about products and equipment.

Skill and experience

To offer our customers the best services, we know the skill and experience that we bring to the table matters a lot. Being in the business of lawn care service for a long time, we have become better with time.

We have become more adept at selecting talent, meeting customers’ needs, getting the best supplies and equipment at the right prices. That way, we minimize the cost to our customers.

Back in the office, we have members of staff who are experienced in scheduling, invoicing, customer satisfaction follow-up and much more.

Our collective experience handling different lawn and garden needs is a huge advantage. Sometimes, we get clients who do not know exactly what they want or need for their Landscaping in Lake Charles. Our team can provide recommendations and create customized packages, just for them.

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