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Posted by Recruitment Smart on October 11th, 2019

Conversational (chat) bots for HR

The HR domain is ensnarled with a slew of mundane and repetitive tasks, preventing them from focusing their capabilities towards more high-yielding areas. The advent of new technologies has resulted in the dawn of disruptions that have transformed the way the 21st-century business functions. The older workplace dynamic has given way to the rise of Intelligent enterprise where technology drives the business through actionable insights across all lines of business. A conversational chatbot is one such example of technological advancement which through its cognitive abilities and NLP is driving personalized and precise dialogues, catering to numerous employee-related processes.

The smart Recruitment AI Chatbots, driven by AI, and powered by neural networks, uses natural language processing to have a human-like conversation, without the need to have “actual” human answering frequently asked questions. The benefit of chatbots is their 24/7 availability, at the convenience of the user and on-demand. These conversational interfaces help in fast-tracking a lot of regular and repetitive tasks, thus saving a lot of HR time which could be now used for more productive activities.

The primary function of any HR is accentuating employee experience with a long term of focus on skilled workforce retention. Conversational chatbots/assistants steer this ideology by nurturing relationships between employees and organizations. Through self-service portals and guided processes, conversational platforms empower employees to learn in a collaborative environment, boosting their productivity. The conversational chatbots have successfully been able to transcend geographical boundaries and information silos through their ability to connect with peers and workgroups.

The employees nowadays want everything at the click of a button or via a provision of a live and conversational chat. The time is of the essence for any engagement and any lack of it is detrimental to the overall image of an organization. Conversational chatbots allow uninterrupted and personalized dialogue from the very first engagement with the employee.

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