When talk about jadeite and pearls in the early years

Posted by aandreycp4amb on October 11th, 2019

 When talk about jadeite and pearls in the early years, many people think that it is a pet necklace that they wear when they are old, and they can't show any fashion feeling. In the past two years, more and more young stars have begun to wear pearls, and they have a very fashionable feeling. This makes everyone discover that the original pearls can be very young and very fashionable.

  Since pearls can be young and fashionable, jadeite can of course also! Jadeite is actually a jade that combines elegance and fashion. If you want to wear it without being rustic or old-fashioned, you should choose the appropriate jadeite and cheap name necklace style according to your age.

  Every woman's temperament is different in different ages, from 20-year-old youth to 30-year-old intellectual elegance, to 40-year-old mature gentleness, each age will be different charm and temperament. Comply with this temperament to match jadeite necklace with picture, naturally can complement each other and even add a finishing touch. If you forcibly wear jadeite that does not meet your age and temperament, you will definitely feel that this piece of jewelry[shop link] is not suitable for you to take up your temperament or that you can't keep this jadeite. It looks rustic and has no sense of agility. So, what different jadeites should you choose for different ages?

20 years old: Simple and naive, delicate and stylish

  Girls in their 20s are in their youth, they are the ones who are at the forefront of fashion, so some small and fashionable jadeite styles are the best for them. The kind of gorgeous and complicated style will look old-fashioned. If you want to choose a name bracelet, you can choose a slender beauty bracelet, which is small and exquisite, and can also set off your youth and vitality.

  Young girls choose jadeite should focus on water head, and color is not the most important. The colorless ice specie and the glass specie jadeite have the beauty of simple and naive, which is most suitable for young girls. The too thick green will look old-fashioned.

  In addition, it is to do subtraction on the wearing. Wearing too much custom name necklace cheap[projection necklace online] will be cumbersome, without the original spirituality of jadeite.

30 years old : Delicate and natural, light and feminine

  The age of 30 is a woman-style stereotype that slowly matures into an age group. In this age group, elegance and nature are the keynotes that should be chosen. It should not be too gorgeous. It should be combined with simple, natural and exquisite design style.

  For example, the jadeite chaise bracelet is designed as an oval flat mouth. It looks light and feminine, and it best reflects the elegance of women. Coupled with a pair of 

exquisite earrings, the whole person will look more charming.

  In the choice of jadeite color, you can choose the color of the more elegant jadeite, such as white-green, if you like green, you may wish to choose a brighter green color, if you don't like, ice waxy jade can be a good choice, so that there is not too muchgrandstand or dull.