What is a J visa?

Posted by skjjuris on October 12th, 2019

The Exchange Visitor (J) non-immigrant visa is for individuals qualified to participate in the study and workbased visitor programs. The J visa is divided into two parts namely J-1 and J-2 visa.

The primary goals of the Exchange Visitor Program or J-1 Visa are to give participants the opportunity to engage with theNative Americans, strengthen and test their English language abilities, share their culture, and learn or build new skills that could benefit them in future careers. Whereas, the J-2 visa allows a non-immigrant dependent like unmarried children below the age of 21 or spouse to be accompanied by the J-1 exchange visitor or later join J-1 holder in the United States. In both cases, an Immigration Support Service Company is very beneficial to hire which guides properly and saves a lot of time.

Eligibility and Departments of the J-1 visa program

The J-1 visa program has fifteen different categories of participants, of which thirteen categories include privately-funded programs and rest two categories are publicly funded. To obtain a J-1 visa, an individual must fall under any of the following program categories: -

  • Privately-funded Programs 

o   Professors/ Research Scholars

o   Short-term Scholars

o   Trainees

o   Interns

o   College and University Students

o   Teachers

o   Secondary School Students

o   Specialists

o   Alien Physicians

o   Camp Counselors

o   Au Pairs

o   Summer Work Travel Program
Publicly-funded Programs

o   Government Visitors

o   International Visitors

Eligibility for the J-2 visa program

The eligibility of a J-2 visa completely depends on a particular exchange program being offered by the sponsor organizations to the J-1 visa immigrant. Although some categories allow for dependents or spouses to accompany a J-1 visa immigrant there are specific programs that do not allow.

A J-2 visa is not permitted in following exchange program categories: -

  • Au Pairs
  • Camp Counselors
  • Secondary School Student
  • Summer Work travel

Applying for J visa

  • For J-1 visa

Once the DS-2019 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status) is obtained from the sponsor, the individual may apply to the United States Embassy or Consulate in the country of his/her residence.

  • For J-2 visa

The J-1 visa applicant whom the individual would accompany must inquire about bringing the spouse or dependent (J-2 visa applicant) when seeking a sponsor. The sponsor more approve the accompaniment of the spouse and/ or children (dependent) who will each be issued their DS-2019 form.

In general, time to obtain an Exchange Visitor Visa (J-1) and J-2 visa depend on the wait time of the interview which varies from country to country and based on individual circumstances. It is to be noted that exchange program visitors who are beginning a new program may not enter the United States more than 30 days before the Program Start date.

Immigration Support Services and Role of SKJ Juris

Applying for a J visa is a very lengthy and time-consuming process that involves convincing sponsors, preparing the required documents, applying for the visa, interview, applying for spouse and/ or dependents (some cases), etc. Even after this process, there is a slight uncertainty of the application being rejected. Hence, it is better to hire Immigration Support Services which prevents unnecessary errors and guides effectively.

An Immigration Support Company works well in all these processes. When there is a point of best Immigration Support Services, then SKJ Juris stands out of the queue with its highly qualified professionals and years of experience which is truly worthy of the price. SKJ Juris offersoutstanding Immigration Support Services, promising customer’s guaranteed satisfaction. SKJ Juris provides full-fledged, high quality and low-cost Immigration services to law firms, attorneys, and corporations. We provide top-notch Immigration support services to our Attorney clients while strictly adhering to the rules, regulations and preserving the confidentiality of the clients.

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