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10 Must-Have Mobile Repair Tools for Mobile Phone Repair

Posted by mobilesentrixca on October 12th, 2019

You might have one mobile phone to fix or might have a hundred. It does not matter if you are here to fix latest surface or fix the screen. Whether you are using iPhone Samsung Asus or any brand Mobile Repairing is without these tools is a tough nut to crack. You need basic Mobile Repair Tool.

So Here Top Must have Mobile Repair Tool

1 Pentalobe Screwdriver: The 5-star point screwdriver is designed to work with the bottom case screws on the smartphone. The bit driver end cap rotates independently of the handle. It allows full rotation of the handle while maintaining constant pressure on the screw.

2 Loca Glue Gun: Loca Gun will make your work more easily and conveniently when using your glue to repair your phone. The tools are used to help repair technicians to squeeze LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive fast and smoothly.

3 Suction Cup Tool: It allows you to remove your smartphone or tablet screen carefully and easily. Quick-lock and release handles create suction for tablet and smartphone screen removal quickly with ease. Rubber suction cup is gentle on tablet and phone screens and doesn't scratch up surfaces, making screen removal a breeze.

4 Spudger Tool: This opening tool is specially designed for smartphone and tablet and is hard enough to get the case opened, but soft enough not to crack or chip your case.

5 Pry Opening Tool: The screen opener pry tool can open most cell phone screes without damage. It can also be used to play the guitar.

6 Tweezers: - So you have removed the tiny screw and it fell it into the phone. You want to turn it over and shake it out, but the piece you just unscrew would come out of alignment. Use this anti-static tweezer and you can pick the correct screw as well as hold them in place.

7 Screwdriver: - For a single repair, you need a simple and accurate Philips screwdriver. If you are going to working on a variety of electronics that will require a constant change you will probably require to invest in this item.

8 Battery Pry Tool: Specially designed for disassembling and repairing mobile phones. It can help you to move the battery more easily and evenly without damaging it.

9 Plastic Cards: This card is placing a piece of tape across the top of a top loader.

10 Anti-Static Mat: - When you get a phone to fix you don’t do more harm than good. That’s exactly what can happen when you pick up some static and end up frying the electronics when you really wanted to do replace the antenna. Get an Anti-static mat and you will be sure to prevent making things worse than on your next repair.

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment before you set the broken phone and tablet down on the table.

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