How network security audit helps your business

Posted by Netlogyx IT Services on October 12th, 2019

With almost all businesses now relying heavily on the internet and their computer systems having a good, competent computer support service on the Gold Coast is imperative. Regular security audits help to reduce the ever present threat of cybercrime and other security breaches that have the potential of damaging a company’s business competitiveness, resources and public trust.

These are some of the ways a security audit can help your business

  • Evaluation of data flow within your business

A network security audit will look at the type of information going in and out of your business as well as who has access to it and what security measures are in place.

It will ensure all your data is safe, can’t be stolen, lost, mishandled or misused removing any potential for legal disputes with any parties

  • Identifying vulnerable areas and problems

An audit will identify and potential problem areas in your system or operating methods. This includes checking your hardware and software configurations and they are working at optimum levels

  • Identifies problems in security both internally and externally

The audit starts with a pre-audit to check of all relevant documentation from earlier audits and then following on to current policies and procedures, so the whole network and the business can be analyzed and tested for vulnerabilities and necessary improvements.

Gives a clear and precise documentation of everything discovered and checked

  • Gives recommendations on how to use and leverage the technological information gained from your business security

It’s important that your security system matches all of the security challenges your business could face as well as educating all users on how to efficiently and accurately implement any new recommendations.

This means you are not wasting valuable reserves and time on irrelevant and outdated or inferior security measures.

Sets up any necessary firewalls and encrypted codes to safeguard and protect all sensitive data links, personal, employee and customer records and  information

The audit will highlight areas of importance and improve the quality of your security for both internal and external networks, including systems used by employee’s at work, in transit or at homesuch as linked laptops, tablets and phones.

Ensures you are compliant with all government and local body licenses, permits, rules and regulations.

Your IT network security audit will deliver to you an in depth analysis covering all your IT systems with an easy to understand, detailed list of all their findings. It will also inform you of any required additional programs you need to introduce and areas that have become obsolete or redundant because of system changes or new technologies.

Your computer support company on the Gold Coast will provide a security audit to give you a strategic advantage over other businesses in your area by showing all your suppliers and customers that your company is totally safe and reliable for them to use.

Having a network security audit will highlight any areas there may be a potential security breach and offers cost effective and reliable solutions. It will ensure your company’s compliance with all government and local body requirements and give you a comprehensive but easy to understand written report about the condition of your hardware and software applications with suggestions or the most practical way to improve your network.

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