Renting a Shared Office Space in India

Posted by Bookyouroffice on October 12th, 2019

There comes a time when you decide to work at a coworking space in your town and you’re wondering if you’re missing something, right? Well, we present to you the co-working conduct and pricing policy one needs to keep in mind before they join the conspicuous workspace, they’ve always dreamt of!

A point to be noted here is that this may differ from location to location, due to different requirements and rules but still, it will give you a pretty good idea for what to expect!

  1. Co-working Conduct Policy

    1. Better Work Environment

Renting a dedicated desk, a complete cabin or even a hot desking seat at a shared office space will help you meet a diverse bunch of people. And companies or service providers might ask you to maintain the decorum of the space, even while interacting with each other to create a corporate, yet peaceful work environment.

  1. Mutual Values Of Respect

While it should be obvious that the usage of improper language, sexual assault or improper behavior is not tolerated in the shared office space, it is to note that the core values of mutual respect and order are mandated through an ethical code of conduct agreement, with terms and conditions, before joining the co-working space in Delhi.

  1. Pricing Policy

    1. Clear Word On Taxation:

With the incipience of GST and the simplification of taxation, one should be clear from the very beginning about the pricing of the co-working space, according to their needs, prior to renting an office. It should be very clear whether the price that is quoted in the agreement is inclusive of the final tax or not! Additionally, PAN and other certifications are to be taken care of, as it is necessary as well.

    1. Payment Policy

When dealing with finances during renting a shared office space in Delhi and during your tenure at the workplace, one needs to be sure about the mode of payment which may not only be limited to online payments. Each company has a diverse range of payment policies; some might accept cash payment or even bitcoins for that matter, or they would want it purely cheque-based. One can also score a discount for making bulk payments as well if the tenant allows/agrees.

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