The Makeup brushes that You Must Have

Posted by albertareid on November 16th, 2011

Make is something that you should never go wrong with. While good makeup can do wonders to your look; bad make up can completely spoil your look. So, either you go sans make up; or you do it perfectly. It does not matter whether you are an aspiring makeup artist or want to know more about makeup for your personal needs; the first thing that you should know are the make up brushes.

There are different make up brushes for each part of your face. They are designed differently and you must know which makeup brush is meant for what purpose. There are different brushes for the face, eyes and lips. As far as the face make up brushes are concerned; you have different types of brushes. And the same goes for eyes too. So, what are the cosmetic brushes that you must have?

There are 4 different types of cosmetic brushes meant for eye-makeup. The first and foremost of them is the flat stiff brush. The flat stiff brush is used to put color on the eye-lids. The reason that it is flat is because you need to be able to evenly pat the shadow over your eyelids. And it must be stiff as well. If it is not stiff, it will not be able to pick up enough color. Now who doesn’t love the smoke eyes? The stiff dome cosmetic eye brush is meant to give you the best smoky eye effect. You can apply a lot of color to the crease of your eye with the help of this brush.

For blending the eye shadow under your eye brows, you need the soft dome make up brushes. This one is not much different from the stiff dome brush. This one is just a softer version of it. With the help of this makeup brush you can keep touching up the eye makeup throughout the day without spoiling it. At last you have the pencil brush. This one is for smudging the eyeliner. You will be able to define your eye crease with this brush.

For the face, the first makeup brush that you need is the stippling brush. This one lets you apply foundation to your skin. The bristles of this brush are stiff. For contoured effect on your cheekbones, you need the contour brush. All those who have a chubby face and want it to look slimmer; this one is your magic wand. The angled blush brush will help you in the application of the powdered blush to your cheeks.  Last but not the least; you have the highlighter brush. You can actually call it a multipurpose cosmetic brush as you can use it in different ways.

You can order your very own cosmetic brush kit online. There are websites which sell high quality cosmetic brushes at reasonable prices. All you have to do is find such a reliable website and order your very own cosmetic brushes kit. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep. And you will not have to take the trouble of visiting stores and picking up the right makeup brush.

There are some simple guidelines you can follow to be sure you choose the right cosmetic brushes .By getting the best make up brushes you are ensuring better makeup.

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