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Posted by Cuckoo Tech on October 13th, 2019

Having goodtime attendance software is surely an asset to any organization. It proves to be a worthwhile investment for any business, but what about educational institutions like schools and colleges?

The thought process that Time Attendance Software is simply a luxury and not necessary in schools is a mistake! It is more appropriate to have a time and attendance management software at schools as they have more students running around and need more monitoring than employees of any business organization. Schools, therefore, are a prime candidate for time attendance software.

The following are a few valid points explaining how attendance software is beneficial to schools:

•People feel spending money on attendance software for a school is a misguided choice in times when schools are dealing with providing quality education with budget cuts and larger class sizes. But, when given an in-depth thought, this is the precise reason why such software is needed! When a school hosts more students and has less money, it is only obvious to assume that there will be less administration staff to do tasks like tracking student schedules and calculating the attendance. With attendance software available, a teacher can have access to student data without having to involve the administrative team for assistance. It becomes possible for a teacher to easily pull up the schedule of any student to locate him/her, be it for themselves, for another teacher, or a parent/ guardian.

•The next and most important part is that attendance software can assist a teacher in allowing him/ her to remotely enter student grades from their computers. They need not go up to the administrative department for it. Such a system not only saves the time of a teacher but also makes it possible for several teachers to enter the grades for their students at the same time. This ensures that the whole process is faster, easier, and more accurate. Accuracy level increases, as with attendance software, teachers would not have to rush their grading process, so there is less chance of error, thus resulting in more accurate report cards.

•Such an Attendance Management System collects attendance at the door, as and when the students enter the school premises. It is highly effective in improving safety and decreases the possibility of class cutting from the student’s end. Such a methodology in place not only keeps the students in their classrooms but ensures they stay them out of trouble.

•Attendance management systems could also be customized to have features that could make printing report cards easier!

•Now coming to the most important aspect, the cost involved. It is a wrong perception people have that for software to be successfully implemented the way it is required, it should be a very expensive one. But, this is not at all true. Attendance software can be tailor-made to be affordable if you partner with an experienced company like Cuckoo Tech that can tailor-make your software taking into consideration your specific needs, and not just sell you a standard version like a host of other attendance software makers do. In today's fast-changing scenario, companies like Cuckoo Tech are incredibly flexible and offer you a host of customized yet affordable options that serve as a perfect solution to your exact needs.

•The major benefit associated with having attendance software for the students in schools/ colleges is that it gives the teaching faculty complete control over a student’s whereabouts during the school hours. They can plan classes, reorganize timetables as per changing requirements, and have access to all the basic student data easily when required.

So, is your school/ college willing to leap to a better attendance recording system? Contact Cuckoo Tech today to know more about their time and attendance software.

Cuckoo Tech

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