7 reasons to buy an RV cover

Posted by Nich Crump on October 13th, 2019

Be it a class A motorhome, a class C travel trailer, a fifth wheel, an emerging caravan, a sliding caravan or a conversion van, Freedom owns an RV! But unless he is a full-time player, then inevitably there are months of each year when his freedom on wheels is more seated than going on the road. When you cannot be behind the wheel, be sure to protect your investment with a motorhome cover. No matter how long or how often you need to store your RV, the best reasons to buy motorhome covers are:

  • Maintains and protects your RV
  • Reduce washing
  • Remove black stripes
  • Preserve resale value
  • Much less expensive and more convenient than off-site RV storage
  • Variety of fabrics and sizes to choose from.
  • Camper covers include a compression storage bag and multi-year warranties.

Soft covers for recreational vehicles

Soft motorhome covers protect against rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, notches, and scratches. The thick fabric prevents the entry of elements while ventilation is responsible for water vapor and condensation. It adapts to these RV covers to reduce wind tension and zip panels allow access to RV doors and motor areas. Adjustable front and rear tension panels and elastic hem corners provide a custom fit. An integrated rope fixing system and a launch bag help reduce drag under the RV.

Rigid covers for recreational vehicle

Professional quality storage garages are durable, compact and add space and protection. In addition to manufacturing the best motorhome covers, these rigid shelters provide temporary or year-round storage protection for lawnmowers, gardening tools, all-terrain vehicles and more. They offer homeowners and renters a part-time or full-time portable storage solution that is even better than a traditional soft RV deck. Keep dust and debris out of your RV and protect it well against the elements with a rigid motorhome cover.

Permanent RV Covers

When you want a permanent place to park your motorhome, an open and resistant steel garage offers protection against the effects of the weather. Pair it with a soft RV cover for maximum protection when your motorhome is not driving on the road.

A motorhome cover protects your investment!

From the smallest Gulf Stream to the biggest and worst Winnebago, a professional motorhome deck made especially for recreational vehicles of all sizes will serve you better. We do not recommend that you cover your home with wheels with waterproof material similar to canvas. Waterproof motorhome covers would not allow moisture to escape, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

If you need to protect your RV with a temporary cover, you want a more permanent structure, you will store your RV in rainy weather or one with intense sun or snow, you have many options. There is a specific RV cover to meet all your needs in every weather and every size.

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