4 Things to Avoid While Shopping Designer Wedding Dress

Posted by vasilikicouture on October 14th, 2019

Finding the perfect designer wedding dress put many brides under stress so much that they start panicking. Sometimes, they feel like they are going nuts. But, there is no need to panic as we are here to help you and tell you that what you should not do to reduce stress and avoid mistakes. So, read on, calm down and make your wedding dress shopping a delightful venture instead of a disaster one. 

Scheduling appointment late in the day

All of us are aware of the fact that people often get tired late in the day and all they can think about is just wrapping their work and set out for their home. What can you expect from a tired consultant or a designer? Even if you are extremely excited about your wedding dress, you might be receiving suggestions and advice which are as useless as a glass hammer. 

So, unless you are meeting a passionate bespoke wedding costume designer, it is best to believe the phrase that ‘the early bird gets the worm’. Ladies who visit the boutique or store early in the day get the warm treatment from fresh bridal store staff that hasn’t yet deal with concerns of a million clients. If you get the first appointment in the morning, it is more likely that you will get the undivided attention of your consultant. 

Forgetting about the top of the wedding dress

Many brides just fall for wedding dresses which have stunning lower part while the top part is rather too simple for a bride. While deciding the design of your designer wedding dress, you must remember that the top of your dress is what most people notice and most photographers have their focus on. Majority of the wedding photographs that guests take of you are from the waist up. So, don’t forget this and decide on a wedding dress that has a fancy hem. 

Picking a wedding dress just because it is in trend

Your wedding costume must be a classic piece, instead of being a trendy one. Trendy wedding dresses are infamous for not standing the test of time. If you don’t believe it, just flip through parents’ wedding album and you will understand this. A wedding gown must be timeless. 

When you feel comfortable, sexy, and glamorous altogether in one piece of gown, you feel like you have become a better version of yourself. So, it is best to keep your eyes and ears close to those who suggest you countless wedding dresses just because they are trendy. Pick a designer wedding dress which has both modern and traditional elements and reflects your style, not others. 

Trying too many dresses just because you are feeling under pressure

You should not try on more or fewer gowns than you want to. You will feel under too much load if you set out from your house with the thought that you have to try at least twenty dresses at each store so that no best gown would pass through your eyes without notice. This is not the way. When you find that one gown which wins your heart, there is no need to try on more dresses just because a lot are still remaining in the store to try on. Our mind and heart know when we come across that dress which makes us feel on the top of the world. So, trust your gut and select the dress or design which rings a bell to your mind that this is the one you are looking for. 

Avoiding all these things will not only help you stay out of stressful situations but also save your valuable time to make arrangements for other things like ordering a finger-licking delicious cake and scheduling appointments with makeup artists. 

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