What Is A Topographic Survey And Why It Need?

Posted by epitomegeo on October 14th, 2019

1. The topographical study of the aqua-culture site makes it possible to develop a work organization support plan. On the other hand, to situate it at a reference point that guides its implementation.    

 2. A Topographical Survey in India allows you to draw maps or plans of an area, in which they appear:

• the main physical characteristics of the land, such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, roads, forests or rock formations; or also the different elements that make up the farm, ponds, dams, dikes, drainage pits or water supply channels;

• The differences in the height of the different reliefs, such as valleys, plains, hills, or slopes, or the difference in height between the elements of the farm. These differences constitute the vertical profile.              

 What operations does a topographic survey include?

3. The objective of the first type of Best Underground Utilities Survey Services is to determine the relative position of one or more points on a horizontal plane. For this purpose, horizontal distances and horizontal angles or directions are measured. The method called planimetry is used, which is explained in this chapter.     

4. The objective of the second type of topographic survey is to determine the height (vertical) of one or more points to a defined horizontal plane. For this purpose, horizontal distances and height differences are measured; and contours are also drawn. A method called direct levelling is used.           

5. The preparation of a topographic survey also depends on what the objective is. It is advisable to adopt a work plan similar to that described for soil survey.

• First, a preliminary recognition study is carried out. Quick methods can be used without worrying much about achieving great accuracy.

• From the results of the first survey, more detailed and precise surveys are prepared and carried out.                           

6. The use of the methods described in the following sections does not present problems if working in the field. Any of them can be applied correctly. In areas with dense forests, however, methods that require the visualization of several points simultaneously cannot be used. In such areas, it is easier to take existing routes and trails as a reference, and it may be necessary to remove vegetation that hinders visual lines.                   

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