Do Monthly Rounds to Be Sure Your Cleaning Services Are Done Perfectly

Posted by Terry Ramsay on October 14th, 2019

In major metropolises such as New York City, keeping workplaces clean and comfortable is no small task. It's why you need to stay actively involved in working with your contractor to ensure pleasant and inviting surroundings. SanMar Building Service is a commercial janitorial service providing the most effective office cleaning NYC has available. As an office manager, you hire a janitorial service to have professionally offered cleaning services. As part of the process, it is essential to do your monthly walkarounds so that you can communicate any special requests or needs to your contractor.

During walkarounds, you are not only able to assess the cleanliness standards but also check for routine smaller details that might happen to be outside the daily cleaning checklists. Another thing important to many facilities managers is floor care. During walkarounds, you can check for thorough cleaning of particular floors like marble and slate floors. Watch to see if they are well cared for and maintained.

To assure your satisfaction and excellent results, contracting with a reliable company such as SanMar is the best approach. Many building managers and office owners know them for unmatched efficiency and reliability in the cleaning of offices and buildings. They visit your building, asses your needs, note the areas to be cleaned, and make a custom plan only for you.

Walkarounds can also enable you to identify the areas that need immediate repair and maintenance to prevent problems from escalating to bigger ones. As you inspect for cleanliness, be sure to check for roof leaks, machine competency, and condition of the floors. Renovations are costly so by doing routine walkarounds, and you will be able to stay ahead and prevent any significant problems from occurring.

Carpets, rugs, and floors may accumulate a lot of dust and dirt if not well cleaned. You have the opportunity to assess their condition during your walkarounds so that you understand all the details. Request special care when you see a need. Reputable office cleaning companies work to ensure every part of the building is well covered. Using environmentally friendly chemicals and practical approaches, their janitors can provide outstanding results. Restrooms and high traffic areas should be sanitized and sterilized.

Don't only keep an eye on the floors because areas above the floor need cleaning and can improve office looks. Elements like door handles, tabletops, counters, ceilings, and partitions must be cleaned thoroughly. As the manager, take your time to review all areas so that you are sure they are clean and tidy. Clutter near electronics and tables can impede good cleaning practices -- so you need to request your colleagues and coworkers to ensure those areas are free from clutter before every cleaning. A neat and tidy office interior not only attracts clients but also motivates the workers in your office.

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