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Posted by Safier Mediation on October 14th, 2019

There are mediation centers that provide a third-party neutral mediator to help litigants resolve their disputes. The cases that go to third party mediators are private mediations or court-ordered. To help resolve disputes they use a non-adversarial approach.

With a neutral mediation, they help both the parties to come to an amicable resolution. They help to carry out mediations in a wide range of areas which include:

  • Contracts
  • Consumer Business
  • Estates,
  • Business Dissolution
  • Insurance
  • Landlord-tenant

Dispute Mediation Services New Jersey

Few Mediation Service in New Jersey mediate on a full-time basis.  There are trained divorce mediators in New Jersey who are also collaborative divorce attorneys who have devoted their full practice for family law. They help clients get legal representation besides trust and respect. The attorney who helps in divorce mediations is one who is certified by the Supreme Court as a law attorney for matrimonial cases.

He has also lectured on family law and divorce in New Jersey and is a member of New Jersey State Bar Association in Family Law. He is also one of the top lawyers in family law. He provides a wide range of professional services as

  • Facilitator
  • Mediator
  • Mediator- Arbitrator
  • Advanced mediation trainer
  • Online Arbitrator
  • Online Mediator
  • Collaborative professional
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Mediating lawyer
  • Representational lawyer
  • Arbitrator

Contracts Mediation New Jersey

Contract mediation is the best alternative to litigation for settling disputes. It is considered one of the common forms of mediation. In the case of contract disputes, litigation can be expensive and messy. A mediation attorney can help to resolve the problem without a lot of expense which an individual has to undergo if he goes for trial.

Mediation can leave both the parties with a resolution that is positive so that both parties can work together in the future. If the trial is not successful then the case can be messy. People involved in contract disputes have a lot of options and you can browse online for the best option.

Landlord-Tenant Mediation New Jersey

Many attorneys handle landlord-tenant meditation so that the property dispute can be settled amicably for the benefit of both. When you have a mediator to solve the dispute between landlords/ tenant the expense involved will be less. In the future, both parties may be able to work together.

Some of the attorneys who are now acting as mediators have 25 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate and fields of property management. The attorney’s experience extends in different aspects of the profession including lease contracts, investment properties, joint ventures, HOA, and tenant-landlord disputes. The attorney has also worked as a real estate broker for New Jersey and has a lot of investment properties and has managed many very well. The attorney has managed a lot of landlord/tenant disputes for clients which have increased her experience in resolving disputes. 

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