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Posted by juliabennet on November 16th, 2011

Men and women are very different when it comes to relationships. When you ask a man what is the most important thing they consider about him and his partner, most of the time you would get a sex related answer. Women on the other hand are a lot more romantic and if you would ask them what matters, a lot of stories and dreams would be the main answers.

The reasons for this are varied and it is mainly due to the expectations of each person in the couple. Every woman dreams to be a princess ever since she is a little girl and the knight in shiny armor to come and save her, riding in the sunset together. On the other hand, men see relationships very differently and they lean towards the more practical side of things.

Even so, a marriage proposal is a very important subject for both men and women, because there are different opinions about this as well. Even though it may sound awkward for some, there are many situations when the women launch the wedding proposal for the men and not the other way around as most people are used to, and they agree with it.

One of the most interesting things about the marriage proposal is that even though a lot of the romance has gone and a lot of couples consider it something natural and the next logical step, if a man wants to make the right impact on a woman with the marriage proposal, then they should choose an engagement ring that would make a significant impact on her.

Shopping for an engagement ring is a very difficult task for the man and this is also one of the most definitive points in a relationship. If you want to make the right impact, you have to choose the right ring, but how will you know it is the one? Should you choose a round brilliant cut, or a princess cut? A large diamond is enough or a halo ring is better for this?

There are a lot of questions that come up in the mind of a man when shopping for jewelry and this is also one of the moments when he can easily change his mind. Why should he pay a lot of money on a piece of jewelry when he doesn’t know she will accept the marriage proposal for sure? Why should he risk his money on something she might not be into?

The latest statistics show that a wedding proposal that comes from a woman is very well accepted by men. Why should they worry about whether she will accept the marriage proposal or not? This is the best solution for both people in the couple.

Luckily, in today’s world, the different practices for the marriage proposal can offer different advantages. Since a lot of women have shed their fears and they are the ones who come up with the wedding proposal, this is also a subject that can be interpreted from different points of view. If a wedding proposal comes from the woman, then she can take the time and create the jewelry she wants for herself.

The wedding proposal is not a big surprise in many couples, yet it is something hard to do, especially from the man’s side. Thanks to the open mind of a woman, they can overcome this step with ease and she can start shopping for an incredible engagement ring on her own.

When men are thinking about launching a marriage proposal for a woman, there are very good chances that they will back down. If a woman wants to be sure that she will get married, then she should be the one who launches the wedding proposal


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