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Vitalising curiosity in kids

Posted by Parul on October 14th, 2019

“Stimulating your child’s curiosity is a wonderful gift because it enables them to continually learn, grow and question the world they live in,” author of the Molly Moccasin books, Victoria Ryan O’Toole,
Have you ever wondered what causes flowers to be so bright and colorful?  Have you ever imagine why sky is blue?? 
Curiosity is something that drives us to learn new things and to create. Curiosity stems from childhood when you are learning so much about the world and how things work. Children are naturally curious, there are ways that parents can nurture their child's curious spirit. 
My daughter who was very agile child at the age of 2. But she never tried to adapt new environment. Being a mother  it was a concerning matter for me though She was very intelligent. People advised me to arrange some play dates for her so that she can mix up with others also. I did but few days later I decided to enroll her in a preschool near me. She started enjoying everything about her school and insisted me to send her to school on holidays. Everyday she comes up with so many questions and loves sharing her experiences, her energy is now being utilised positively. 
Also, it is important that we choose Preschool & Daycare where kids are encouraged to inculcate curiosity. I would like to recommend her preschool in Noida,  Novy Nest which actually believes in practical approach. Their frequent visit outside the school assisted my daughter to erect the curiosity which lying dormant somewhere inside her. Kids enjoys outdoor activities and practical learning helps them to gain confidence too. I believe that Novy nest preschool is doing the best to bring out the best of a child in a unique manner. My daughter's curiosity helped her a lot to be so creative, today she is does best art work at her age.
Curiosity is what a child learn to reconnoitre the world and to cover learning new things. Our children's imagination and curious behavior can be propitious when they become adult.
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