Know How Furniture Completes the Learning Environment for Students!

Posted by Abaxkingfisherau on October 14th, 2019

When thinking about the design of each of the learning spaces within a school in Australia, the touchstone for every decision should be the end users of each space – the students. Students, teachers, and administrators use the facility throughout the day, but the students typically have the widest range of body sizes and shapes, the least amount of freedom to move about as they want and are experiencing both physical and emotional growth at sometimes alarming rates.

For students, the school-age years are a time of steady growth and development. Staying physically active during this phase of their lives isn't just a natural inclination – so often people hear a child advised to ‘sit still’ – but also serves to strengthen the fundamental skills needed to lead a healthy and active life as an adult. While developing physically is a natural phenomenon, the social development taking place during the school-age years is arguably more important, and more dependent upon classroom environment as well.

Effective classrooms support both social development and academic success. Instructors encourage cooperation and collaboration amongst students by structuring learning activities where children work together on a particular task or project.

Measurements have shown that students with a similar body height can have a range of lower-leg lengths. One standard size seat and desk does not give an ideal for a wide range of students. In this manner, it is significant that the optimal seat height for students is based on the actual measurements of lower leg length. The chair height should be chosen so that the front edge of the seat is in line with the bottom of the student’s knee. Both feet should have full contact with the floor. There should be four to five fingers of space between the front of the chair and the back of the knees. The back of the chair should be shaped so that it is supporting the student’s spine.

In addition to physical comfort, the learning opportunities present within a classroom determine the selection of Education Furniture in Australia as well. Classroom desks and tables that support individual, pairs, and group work by students will lend flexibility to the teacher during lesson planning and promote the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking amongst students.

Likewise with chairs, a variety of desk heights are vital to developing a classroom where learning is uninhibited by the environment. Having at least one adjustable height desk within each classroom will give a breakout area within the space where students can stand while working, enabling them to stretch, move about, and burn off some energy without leaving the room.

Exchanging ideas while dining is a cultural standard in virtually all cultures. As adults, people routinely meet for a business lunch or for dinner with friends. Within the boundaries of the schools, however, people too often miss the opportunity to make truly dynamic and engaging learning environments by reverting to folding tables with fixed seats. Promoting discipline, personal interaction, and courtesy by giving separated chairs in a variety of sizes, with round tables of not more than eight places, has been appeared to return benefits to students and staff.

So, find flexible Education Furniture in Australia to promote effective learning.


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