When I pulled on wow classic gold

Posted by limmzhou on October 15th, 2019

When I pulled on wow classic gold 2 and Needed to drink following 1 mob melee or I had to retreat down them with self indulgent treats. Internal fire gave melee attack power (???) Along with your darkness spells your very best friend, And sacred fire needed a 5 second cast time, smite did not hit more than the usual staff melee hit.

Top off it before lightwell was introduced in the pre TBC patch, we'd Holy Nova as our 31 point talent, and it did NO healing aoe damage, for a significant mana cost, was a joke. Vanilla is just full of redundant ideas that were half assed at the last minute and were never changed for the majority of the time before pre TBC patch, it's amazing we made WoW Classic perform with such shonky course design.

I actually loved melee hunters, I mained a sword survival/bm hunter that was troll, also did plenty of damage in pvp, when I stopped playing for school I 33, I think. . Blood shield? I think that was like rank 7 or 6, it's really hella fun imo, but classic wow gold sellers I am also one of those weirdos that used to hate questing, therefore that I grinded my way to 60 only killing things and taming rares, aside from quests such as the tame animal ones, or unlocks you had to have/class quests.

Not as useless as the ones at the video, however mages' ability Improved Arcane Explosion utilized to decrease the cast time of Arcane Explosion up to 1.5 seconds, because before they shifted it Arcane Explosion wasn't instant and had a 1.5 sec cast time.

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