Why should you play ranked games with your Lol account?

Posted by AussyELO on October 15th, 2019

Played by over 100 Million active users every month, League of Legends is one of the most popular online games. One primary reason for its popularity is its competitive nature. Every gamer being an enthusiast in playing is mostly eyeing to climb higher levels and unlock the advanced features in a game.

League of Legend account has a super fun levelling system that keeps all the gamers hooked to it. As you keep levelling up in the game with your LoL account, the more fun and engaging,it gets.

Motive behind reaching higher levels in LoL

The first and the foremost aim of levelling up in League of Legends is to attain the magic figure of Level 30. The 30th level is the doorway to ranked games and several other rewards. Here is brief gist of the levels prior to Level 30-

  • After the tutorial, you reach Level 1, where Heal and Ghost summoner spell, as well as Co-op vs Al games features,are available. In the first 5 levels played with your LoL account, you get specific champions in the form of rewards.
  • Level 7 is a notable milestone you must aim at because it unlocks the 2 most crucial summoner spells-
  1. Flash
  2. Teleport

By Level 9, all your summoner spells including Smite, Cleanse and Ignite will be unlocked.

  • Level 11-30 has the following 3 key features-
  1. Champion shards
  2. Specific formula
  3. Blue essence
  • On attaining Level 30, you get access to play ranked games that has higher levels of difficulty and competence. Since it is a benchmark level that gallons of gamers want to attain, it is also accessible through League of Legends Level 30 Accounts.

Reasons to play ranked games in League of Legends

Playing ranked games means vent to a lot of opportunities. Every game grants with some rewards, so you do not finish a game without gaining anything from it. Here are the various reasons why you must explore ranked games beyond Level 30 with your League of Legend account-

  1. Learning better

You get to meet gamers who are already a pro in the game. To make most of this opportunity, you must watch how they play the game and try imbibing the same skills thereafter.

  1. Becoming pro

If you are a new LoL player and aiming to master it, you can buy league accounts to unlock higher levels that will help you to brush up your skills. Also, Level 30 opens up the sphere where you can show cast your gaming skills. It is equally important to learn from your mistakes to evolve as an advanced gamer.

  1. Boosting confidence

With an LoL account, you get to play with stronger and serious competitors, which uplifts your confidence like nothing else. As a more confident gamer, you will also be able to perform better in the game.

Level 30 is the gateway to not one, but multiple features in League of Legends. This is perhaps the primary reason behind the recent upsurge among gamers to buy LoL accounts.

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