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Posted by nemarampunavat on October 15th, 2019

Advantages of contracting a professional web design and hosting service

If you run a business in Singapore, there are countless opportunities for your business to grow and expand. An important factor for continued growth and developing a strong identity is an online presence. More and more people look for what they want online, and you want all those new potential customers to easily discover your business and be pleased by your website. The first contact of all the new potential customers will likely be your website. And hence your website is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Hence, you need very attractive and fluid website to entice your visitors. Poorly designed or slow website is likely to put off potential customers. Fortunately, we at Oliveasia can provide web development and other related services in Singapore, in order to handle everything needed to maintain a great website and an effective online presence for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of contracting a specialised web development service:

Specialised work force: Having an effective web presence is goes beyond just having a webpage online. It requires a vast number of different professionals such as designers, artists, web programmers, app developers, system administrators etc. Hiring all such professionals in-house can get expensive and put an unnecessary burden on your own management. If you hire a few people to do everything, you are likely to have poor results. Since professional web development is a part of our core business, we can afford to keep all the necessary staff handy since they can use them for other projects as well.

Attractive design: A shoddy looking website is not good and many visitors would think that your business is not reputable. The quality of your website is often associated with the standards of your business. As a website design company, we can keep various artists and designers on their staff. We can design an appealing visual theme and graphics to suit your website and make it look appealing and attractive.

Proper email setup: We can also offer email provider services and will set up email servers for you. It will allow you to handle internal company emails without having to rely on email external services. It will also let you have professional email addresses with your own company’s domain name. No longer will you have to rely on third party services and bear the security risks associated with it.

Ecommerce website: If you plan to sell your goods online, then a professional ecommerce website design is the most feasible option. There are many things that go into an ecommerce website. It has to be able to manage user accounts, display proper stock of items on sale, handle payments and offer post-sale services among other things. It is quite difficult to build an ecommerce website, especially if your entire business is not focussed on ecommerce and you just want an online outlet for your existing business.

Efficient code: A slow website is quite annoying for your visitors. At worst, poor coding for a webpage can crash your visitors’ browsers, and they will never return to your site. Even marginally slower performance will displease your visitors, no wonder that giants such as Amazon and Google are constantly struggling to speed up their webpages by microseconds. As a part of our professional web design service, we employ dedicated programmers who are well versed in the most efficient ways to handle various operations. Their expertise will ensure that your website loads fast and responds fluidly. Good performance is important for keeping your visitors happy.

Hosting services: Having a website also requires you to have a reliable and robust server to host your website. If the server fails, your site is off the internet. We also offers web hosting service and email hosting service. We take care of the maintenance, upkeep and administration of the servers to handle your website and emails, and you can stay focused on your core business without worrying about much else.

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