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Posted by Anoop Tiwari on October 15th, 2019

In a world full of hackers and spammers, the ongoing frauds lead to security breaches. This can result in loss of data, valuable content and turn the loss of customer trust. To prevent this sort of mishap to happen, OTP verification is used to increase security. OTP verification can be automatically integrated by means of API in a website or an application.

OTP verification can be used for many purposes wherever the security of the customer is concerned. For instance, an OTP service can be used to register a user for the first time on a website. Like that OTP verification can be used for secure transactions in merchandised payments. And it can also be used to update user details. In this case, when a user wants to make changes to specific information, the final data is saved after authenticating the user through OTP verification.

Two methods can do OTP verification, that is, either through email or SMS services. But OTP verification through SMS is more convenient for the users as it is easy for them to look at the notification of the SMS rather than going through the lengthy process of opening email. Nowadays, OTP verification has become much faster than earlier. This is achieved by giving access to the particular website to the preinstalled application for SMS where the sites read the OTP and auto-fill the code. This can reduce the user’s time significantly.

OTP API integration can be more useful if provided some added support and backups. For example, by reducing the wait time for an OTP and giving support SMS in case of failure is much apprehended by the user.

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