Choosing a committed LED lighting fixture manufacturer

Posted by Alex Smith on October 15th, 2019

Electricity costs have skyrocketed in the last few decades. Additionally, the environmental hazards of using conventional lighting mechanisms are being seriously considered by modern-day industrial sectors. Various researches on finding eco-friendly solutions for lighting needs have been considered. LED lightings have been an acceptable solution worldwide, owing to their energy efficiency as well as environmental friendly processes.

Large space lighting requirements like underground tunnels, large basements, warehouses, etc have high requirement of LEDs. With the advancement of technology, the availability of LEDs in varying designs and wattages along with multiple other benefits like longer life span, low maintenance, etc make them the optimum lighting solution that’s cost-efficient too!

All said, procuring the best quality lighting solutions and choosing a quality supplier can be a little overwhelming. Various reputed LED lighting suppliers and manufacturers like GHP (General Hardware and Plastic Product Co.) offer complete product performance.

Services to look for

LED lighting suppliers like GHP offer multiple hardware services like light fittings, aluminum die casting, plastic molding. It is hence a one-stop hardware solution for all your housing fixtures.

Looking for an organization that can take on customized lighting projects along with other services like anodizing(including hard anodizing), outdoor power coating, electrophoresis, molding services, etc is crucial.

Organizations like GHP that provide a one-stop lighting and hardware solution offer time as well as money-saving.

Additionally, choosing a leading manufacturer and brand name like GHP gives you the benefit of opting from a wide range of product list including 20W, 30W, 80, 150w LED street light shell, Solar LED street light enclosure, LED flood light shell, Gas station light shell, LED ground light shell, LED downlight shell, LED spotlight shell LED bulbs and tube shells, LED underwater light, LED car light heat sink, etc.

Other considerations

Outsourcing the manufacturing process to a reputed organization that has the required expertise needs careful considerations. Following are some key aspects that need to be looked into before choosing a manufacturing partner:

  1. Quality- Consider the quality policy of the manufacturer. Considerations like easy and honest communications, reliable technology, use of ISO-certified testing machinery,  etc are important aspects. Further, ensure that the manufacturer has sufficient quality control staff on their payrolls.
  2. Material sourcing- Ensure that the manufacturer uses raw material sources that are compatible with ISO and UL certificates. Leading manufacturers like GHP source their raw materials from reputed and certified organizations in the US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.
  3. Testing procedures- Ask for the testing details and procedures that the manufacturer uses for their products. Testing processes like CNC procession, EDM procession and grinding should be included in the manufacturer’s testing details.

Experienced technicians- Leading LED lighting fixture suppliers like GHP come with an experienced team of technicians, engineers, and professionals.

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