Which programming language is best for Blockchain?

Posted by Anii Jain on October 15th, 2019

Blockchain is a revolutionary digital payment technology still in its nascent stage. To simply put it, blockchain contains digital payment information in block forms that do not allow hackers to steal your data in any way possible.

Top Programming Languages Best for Blockchain:

It is the most preferred blockchain programming language as it offers advanced multi-threading potentials, access over memory, and semantics. It also bids object-oriented features such as function overloading and runtime polymorphism to perfectly link the data together.

This language is fairly new but hyping the world of programming hastily. The language is viably preferred in the blockchain industry as it can perform many tasks with just a single command.

Influenced by PowerShell, JavaScript, and C++, Solidity is a high-level language used to implement smart contracts on multiple blockchain platforms. The language is very popular amongst Ethereum developers.

Due to its highly-potential portability, Java is valued in the blockchain industry. Java and C++ have many similar features as they both are the object and procedural-oriented programming languages. It has almost 9 million developers across the world. NEM’s basic blockchain network has been written in Java only.

Although the oldest programming language, Ruby made its comeback with the blockchain technology. It allows users to use a perfect blend of different languages to develop the ideal blockchain. The language gives access to make amendments if required.

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