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Posted by ahmedkhan1 on October 15th, 2019

TELENOR is also a Pakistani mobile networking company growing day by day as it has also made micro finance banks for its users where they can save their money and also gives discounted packages to its users. Telenor microfinance bank is named as easy paisa in which user can save their money. In addition to this users can also subscribe to different packages at discounted rate if they re-charge through this. Users of other mobile networks can also get discounted packages from them. Telenor Call Packages are being effectively used all over the country.

Telenor has postpaid as well as prepaid customers all over the country. Telenor allows them to use different kind of call packages these packages have proved much valuable for the welfare of people using this network. Telenor has following Latest Mobile Packages:

3 DAYS OFFER include 250 on net minutes, 25 off net minutes, 250 SMS, 50 MB’s internet and 100 MB’S for Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. Prize of this package is 47.80. To subscribe dial *5*3#.

3 DAY DIN BHAR OFFER include unlimited call to any Telenor network for 3 days with an exciting price of 24.70. To subscribe dial *345*626#.

3 DAYS SUPER HIT OFFER include free call on net to your friends and relatives before 7pm to 10 pm at the rate of RS 34. To subscribe dial *345*299#.

ALL IN ONE OFFER include RS 75 balance for all network calls and 500 MB 4 G internet for RS 50. To subscribe dial *2*20#.

3 DAY ONNET OFFER include 250 Telenor minutes, 1500 SMS, 15 MB 3G internet for RS 30. To subscribe dial *730#.

TELENOR 3/3 OFFER include 600 on net minutes, 300 SMS, 50 MB internet which can be used as 2G, 3G and 4G. To subscribe dial *345*243#.

TELENOR EASY CARD is also launched by Telenor to facilitate its users at the cost of only RS 350 for the whole month which includes 500 Telenor and PTCL minutes, 50 other network minutes, 500 SMS and 500 MB’s internet. To subscribe this load an easy card from retailer. Validity of this package is 30 days.

TELENOR EASY CARD PLUS includes 2000 on net minutes, 150 off net minutes, 2000 MB, s internet data, 2000 SMS. To subscribe this load an easy card from retailer. Validity of this package is 30 days.

TELENOR MAHANA RAKHWALA PACKAGE gives customer 3000 on net minutes, 3000 SMS, 300 MB’s internet data. To subscribe this dial *345*30#. Validity of this package is 30 days.

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