Multi- Style Yoga - Benefits of Yoga

Posted by Smita bornare on October 15th, 2019

Multi- Style Yoga - Benefits of Yoga


Different people have different approaches to yoga. People who practice yoga think that yoga is a spiritual practice to keep mind and soul peaceful. Yoga institutes in India have introduced various yoga courses that give the option to varied yoga styles to blend people spiritualty, mentally and socially. Wellnessinnyoga is such an institute that offers different Yoga styles that will make an individual perfect for teaching yoga.

Our yoga courses have been formulated by including all the ancient yoga styles and postures. Most exceptional yoga teachers of India teach yoga with their years of experience in the field. Our institute makes sure that each student gets proper training of yoga practice.

Yoga is an aesthetic practice that ensures that each student of the institute get yoga training in such a way so that they can cope with the ailments. Yoga not only helps to cure the diseases but also improves the lifestyle of an individual. Yoga helps to make a systematic lifestyle and bridges the gap between our mind and soul. Multi-style yoga is a correct blend of ancient and modern yoga styles and postures. Multi-style yoga includes Hatha Yoga, Aerial, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, Yin yoga and many more.   

Some of the benefits of multi-style yoga in our life: -

  • We Wellnessinnyoga aims in providing students with an opportunity to choose any of the yoga styles that is suitable for them. Multi-stylee Yoga practices enable the individual to select which yoga practice is apt for their lifestyle and health. 
  •  The 200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa was introduced in our institute by keeping in mind that the students get to know the different aspects of Yoga practices. Generally, the younger generation has forgotten the ancient yoga practices, so it is an effective way to teach them through this program.
  • We try to give the different benefits of the ancient yoga and modern yoga styles so that it creates a balance of energy flow in our body. Like, Hatha Yoga is gentler than Ashtanga Yoga. 
  • In multi yoga styles, students are made to learn different aspects of yoga, so they improve the holistic approach towards it. It is essential to make the students knowledgeable about Yoga anatomy, psychology, philosophy and other information on yoga techniques.

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training in Ashwem Beach, Goa has been started so that every person taking Yoga training should develop a uniqueness in yoga. They should know how to relate themselves with the Yoga styles and postures. We urge in providing yoga teacher training to the students so that they be passionate about Yoga practice and improve the Yoga skills in the future and can teach others. After a lot of studies, we have finally found that multi-style yoga is an effective and efficient process of preparing both the modern and ancient form of Yoga practice. All the programs that are formulated in our centers in Goa will help the individuals to pursue yoga. 

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