Pre Purchase Inspections: A crucial factor in vessel purchase

Posted by jorz bailly on October 15th, 2019

Purchasing a boat or a vessel is a decision for life and it is a huge financial investment. It is one decision that has to be well thought out with adequate research done to identify the best dealer or brand. Further to this, the actual vessel has to be shortlisted from the list of feasible options and then inspected thoroughly to ensure that it meets the needs and requirements. The final stage is the purchase itself. The second step of finalizing and inspecting the potential item of purchase is a very crucial thing. The customer is bound to have several queries and concerns of various facets of the vessel. Being involved in the purchase of a used vessel calls for caution and the need for expert assistance becomes indispensable.

Collings Marine renders assistance at every step in pre-purchase inspection in the vicinity of Perth. With a keen understanding of the industry and equipped with experts, they ensure that the customer is put at ease and every concern is addressed. The ultimate motive of Collings Marine is to guarantee customer satisfaction by helping them pick the right vessel. All the requirements and needs of the customer are noted and the chosen boat is inspected to ascertain if it meets the expectations of the customer. Alongside this, the overall quality, durability and smooth functioning of the vessel is also looked into so that there are no hurdles after the purchase. The inspection experts are certified professionals who will give an estimate based on the functionality, to the client which aids them in decision making.

Pre-Purchase Inspection process:

  • Thorough visual inspection where the team checks for any evident issues with the vessel.
  • Steering Check – The cardinal part of owning and controlling the vessel needs to be in place. All the essential equipment and paraphernalia needs to be in working condition.
  • Inspection of the hardware components including outboards, stern drives, and inboards
  • Checking of the allied systems that ensure the smooth functioning and working of the vessel such as compressions, gear oil condition, fuel system, cooling systems etc.
  • A detailed report is made out of the findings. This document is often the deciding factor when it comes to the actual purchase.

Few pointers to be noted by the customer whilst doing a pre-purchase inspection:

  • Check the condition and age of the engine to ensure that it has not crossed it warranty/ guarantee. Procuring a vessel with an obsolete engine is nothing but a hassle and an added expenditure.
  • Check the life span of the battery. This is usually 5 years and if it nearing expiration or has expired, it is better to request the original owner to replace it or consider a different boat altogether.
  • Ensure that the bilge pumps have no wear and tear and is in working condition.
  • Check the gaskets and seals for any damage, corrosion or rust. They are vital in the smooth functioning of the vessel.

Collings Marine also offers assistance in repairing and resolving all issues related to vessels which makes them a one-stop-shop for all vessel purchasing and maintenance needs.

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