Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas: Robots and drones provide significant data

Posted by Deeksha on October 15th, 2019

Joint deployment of advanced technologies such as internet of things, artificial intelligence and robotics have introduced digital transformation across the world. Companies leverage theses new technologies across their value chain in all possible areas including sales, research, finance and development. Digitalization has enabled association of technology with physical assets, helping enterprises to respond in real-time in case of unexpected events. An intelligence report titled, “Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas – thematic Research” is the source of all the stated insights. This report is the latest addition to Market Research Hub’s ever growing repository

Enhanced efficiency

Implementation of industrial internet in oil and gas is introduced by business stake holders in pretext of increasing efficiency and finding better solutions of various problems related to low oil prices, increased renewable energy penetration, emergence of hydrocarbon sources, carbon regulations and enhanced energy storage technologies. It is expected to strategize oil and gas industry in various ways including improved project evaluation and design, enabled unmanned drilling, enhanced reliability on ecosystem and predictable maintenance needs.

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Interconnection of physical assets and digital systems

Integration of physical assets with digital systems form the initial step in adopting industrial internet. Sensors of industrial internet collect data from oil fields and drill fields and collaborate it with big data that is obtained from varied sources including asset supplier’s standard and historic data. Application of advanced analytics on this aggregated data assesses the automation opportunities. Robots can be employed to execute oil drill field related operations along with drones that can assist by overseeing the ongoing operation. All the data obtained by using advanced intelligence technology and devices aid oil and gas enterprises to evaluate productivity, take oil field improvement decisions and predict maintenance needs.

Industrial internet in oil and gas enhances its core components that include visibility, predictability, transparency and adaptability. Sensors and devices improve visibility by providing real-time process monitoring of all the components. Transparency includes integration of root cause analysis and engineering knowledge to make fast decisions. Industrial internet predicts future scenarios and anticipates future developments. Data from Industrial internet drives decision making, leading to better results in shorter time periods.

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Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas: Report Synopsis

Quantitative and qualitative assessment exhort intelligence and overarching report on the Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas. Further, the report thoroughly delineates various aspects of the market that will potentially have considerable influence on the development of the Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas. As such, those aspects incorporate drivers, trends, restraints, and opportunities. Furthermore, the report elucidates segregation of the market that provides an exhaustive analysis on Industrial internet in oil & gas.

An insightful and deep-dive assessment of the competitive assessment of the Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas pins hope on Porters’ Five Force Analysis. Accordingly, the Porters’ Five Force Analysis offers a pressing analysis on the potential strategies of the preeminent players in the Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas. In addition, the business strategies counts on company overview, product portfolio, SWOT analysis, key differentiation and recent development.

Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas: Research Methodology

Primary sources and secondary sources propel intelligence report on Industrial Internet in Oil & Gas that provide deep dive analysis on the market. As such, the report provides reliable and unbiased projections, and assessments which have palpable impact on the market size and historical data. Besides, the report also counts on primary sources which hinges upon in-depth and intelligent analysis from well-grounded and reliable experts, telephonic interview, and a thorough assessment from surveys and seasoned analyst.

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