What are the opening and closing dates for the Pick 7 competition

Posted by AnitaBAycock on October 15th, 2019

The ITV Pick 7 competition is generally made open to the entries via the Entry Points. The Entry Points consist of ITV7 mobile app, ITV Racing mobile app and ITV website. These three platforms altogether form the Entry Points. The opening date and time are usually announced on these entry points. Also, the announcement of the competition's closing date and time is done by the same process. The team of ITV7 makes sure that these announcements are done beforehand. In other words, special care is taken that the announcements are done before the first race takes place out of all the seven races.

What is the cost of entry in the Pick 7 competition?

As already mentioned above, the Pick 7 competition by ITV7 is completely free of cost. Only, a proper internet connection is needed to enable one to be a part of it. So, in addition to everything, data charges may apply. Individuals are required to make their own arrangements by checking with their mobile network or internet service provider.

What is generally done if there happens to be non-runners in the selection?

The team of ITV7 has a solution for this. If it happens that your pick of 7 horses consists of a non-runner then that selection is replaced by the authorities. The ITV7 makes sure that the horse is replaced with their SP favorite. The SP favorite is restricted only to the applicable or current race in which the selected horse isn't running. If there happens to be joint SP favorites, then that horse is selected or given the priority which possesses the lowest number in its race card. If by any chance the promoter rejects the idea of assigning SP favorites to the entrants, then he is solely responsible for providing an alternative way of replacing the non-runners of the race.

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