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Posted by Jarvis Cutting Tools  on October 16th, 2019

In the United States of America, there is a family-owned company that manufactures world-class taps. They have a good reputation depending on their performance and quality. All through they have worked to provide the best tools and good customer service. Customers who have learned about the company from their friends have immediately shifted to them for their competitive prices, quality tools, and domestic shipping.

Customers who have bought tools with the company have stayed with it for years because of engineering expertise, accessibility and support on-site.

Why should you switch to A286 TAPS?

If the job you are performing requires A286 taps regularly then it is better to contact the engineering department of the company and get them in bulk. It will offer you additional value besides will reduce cost per hole. When you contact the company they will provide you with a competitive solution to meet your tooling requirements. They will help you with a tool design that is cost-effective and suitable to meet your requirements and specifications,

Each task is unique and the engineering team requires adequate information to be able to quote and design a solution for tooling that will meet your requirements. If you need the assistance of an engineer you can call the company or submit the form given below on the website and their engineer will contact you.

Aerospace Fastener Taps

If you are looking for aerospace fastener taps the improved and new Jarhook tap is the best for A286 fasteners. At the time of testing the Jarhook was way ahead of the competition in tapping speed as well as in the life of the tool. In a controlled test the 10-32 Jarhook provided all the data regarding the life of the tool which is 1200 holes at RPM 1000 speed in 6 point nuts of A286. This was ahead of the competition by 30%.

The company also offers nib taps of high performance for tapping on Davenport machines. These taps can be purchased as nibs alone or together with an as-welded assembly of the shank and the nib. The nib tap can be made as per requirement for any thread length.

Carbide Rotary Files

 You can get Pipe taps Rotary Files Set with 8 pieces having ¼” shaft. The set is made up of self- cleaning double cut 4 cylindrical files, 2 ball files, 2 cone files, and a storage case. The maximum RPM that is recommended is 15,000. This file set will cost .

There are also other carbide rotary files set available having 8 pieces with 1/8” shaft. The set consists of double-cut self- cleaning 4 cylindrical files, 2 cone files, 1 storage case, and 2 ball files. The maximum recommended RPM is 20,000. The set will cost . These sheet metal tools are used in the aircraft. Carbide rotary files from Jarvis are considered most durable in production are popularly used in the aerospace field.

Do you want to know more about aerospace fastener taps then browse Jarviscuttingtools.com and you will get all the information that you want.

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