What Effects Does Music Have on the Brain?

Posted by ytbconverter12 on October 16th, 2019

It is scientifically proven that music has a very powerful effect on the brain, scientist have found that – music can stimulate more parts of brain in comparison to any other human function.
Music has many effects on us like:
1. Reduction in pain
Music helps in reduction pain, Billy Joel said – “music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we’re from. Everyone loves music. Many studies have shown that listening to music before/during/ after surgery reduces pain.

2. Ambient noise, increased creativity
We love to have loud and energetic music to pump-us-up to compete our to do list, but for getting in touch with our creativity we cannot depend on loud music, because they can distract us and we might not be able to process information efficiently. You wish to channel your creativity use moderate or slow ambient music rather than loud ones.

3. Shows our personality
The music we listen to and love can tell people a lot about us, a person’s music playlist is like a guide to explore that person; it helps in predicting the person’s personality. Those who are extrovert love raps, blues more than introverts, that way the type of music shows the type of a person we are.

4. Improve- motor and reasoning skills
One study showed that – children having training in music or musical instrument for three or more years performed better than those who didn’t learn an instrument or music, children with training had better motor skills. They also tested music in the field of reasoning and found that it increases the skills of the child making their minds more attentive and sharp.

5. Memory
Studies have found that music helps in increasing IQ and keeping the memory sharp. The tunes, rhythm etc keep our brains on the go! It helps in making up patterns which is easier for the brain to remember and store. It is also used to help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

6. Happy
It is a source of enjoyment for all, music signals the brain to release a hormone named- dopamine which results in us being in a happy mood. So next time you listen to music and are in clouds, remember it is dopamine’s work.

7. Seizure, brain patients and strokes
Many studies have shown that people suffering from any of the above mentioned problem has faced better recovery when they were introduced to music. Music is also used as therapy in case of many mental illness or problems like- phobia, anxiety, stress, depression etc.

8. Helps in exercising
It helps in exercising better, it is found in many of the studies conducted that – music brings out more effectiveness then no music at all. It helps us to utilise our energy more efficiently.

Music in a way is your friend and guide in difficult times. Listening to music can be considered as a background activity or a main activity, listening to online music is great but one can even download music as MP3 via different MP3 downloader. There are different ways to download music as MP3, some of these are:
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