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Crazy Things Baseball Fans Do To Embrace Their Love For America's Most Popular

Posted by dykemaandy75 on October 16th, 2019

If you are a hardcore baseball fan, you eat, sleep and live baseball! You want to grasp even the most intricate details of the game and find fulfillment in deepening your understanding of how games have been played, won or lost—by following stories as well as using quantifiable current and historical trends. Unlike a regular fan who just likes to watch baseball, a fanatic is always striving to be better, and being better includes taking interest in the game to the highest level possible.

Here are some crazy things you (and most die-hard fans) tend to do to embrace their love for America’s most popular sport ever-

You want to stay updated on “everything baseball” - What’s going on in the game? Which players are doing really well? Who has turned out to be real disappointments? How a player is consistently hitting home runs or striking everybody out? Why your favorite players sitting on the bench? You don’t just want the news but every possible nuance.

You watch the entire season, even if your team “sucks” - Keeping up with the game roster isn’t easy, especially if your team is performing horribly. However, a true baseball fan will follow the entire season, regardless of how poorly their team is performing. If their team is not in the playoff hunt, it would generally mean the team is trading away pieces at the deadline or may bring up new talent to give young players a shot.

The game is not enough, you also watch extra innings - For those who aren’t fans of this sport, baseball may seem too slow-paced to sit through—not just at home but the Ballparktoo! However, for true baseball fans, sometimes the game itself is not enough. They yearn to watch Extra Innings just to make sure they do not miss out on anything.

You are a bit superstitious, too - From batters readjusting their gloves in a certain way to pitchers not stepping on the foul lines, there are a lot of superstitions that baseball fans believe in. They do everything to help their team win—whether it is wearing the same hat or jersey, or sitting in a certain position.

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Author’s Bio – The author is a blogger. This article is about baseball fans.

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