6 Surprising Ways Travel Can Make You Healthier

Posted by srikanth pasupuleti on October 16th, 2019

Have you ever thought the perks of traveling across the world? It’s not just adding photographs and travel stories to your blog or travel diary. In fact, there is a lot more you gain from your travel expeditions. Those longer trips, solo travel, group travel and everything related to travel makes you happy, right? Along with happiness and satisfaction, travel brings you good health, both mental and physical.

Traveling helps reducing stress levels, keeps your mind healthy and reduces risks of heart diseases. If you didn’t know about any of these, this post is rightly for you. Read on to know the ways travel can make you healthier.

Traveling boosts immunity

You won’t believe this but it is true. Traveling can boost your immunity. According to a study on ice conducted in UK, it showed that the immune systems of the rodent responded differently based on their respective environments. The inference of this experiment claims that our immune systems respond depending on the location we are in. When traveling to a new place, our bodies get exposed to new types of bacteria and create antibodies to protect us from illness. However, a detailed research on the topic is required but this is true that at a new place our immune system works harder and better to prevent illness.

Traveling strengthens bones

One of the significant benefits of traveling is it makes your bones stronger. Just imagine if simply going out in the sun is beneficial for your body, how beneficial would traveling be for your body? However, it’s not exactly travel but the Vitamin D produced while we are out under the sun. In daily lives, our bodies doesn’t produce enough Vitamin D and here’s how traveling helps in the process. While hiking, paragliding, sightseeing or simply chilling on the beach, we spend a lot of time outdoors and receive proper sunlight which is the best source of Vitamin D and required for stronger bones. This way traveling makes our bones stronger and helps preventing osteoporosis.

Traveling results in a healthier heart

One among the several positive effects of traveling is it reduces the risks of heart problems and makes it healthier. How? Keep reading. On holidays, we are more active than in our regular lives – be it floating in the sea, taking the heavy luggage up the steps to room or rushing with the luggage at the airport. Science has revealed that there’s a direct connection of travel with your heart health. Back in the year 2000, it was discovered in a research at the New York University that going on vacations reduces the risks of coronary illness in men in their late 40s or 50s.

Traveling ensures happy period days

Reading the sub-heading you must be something like this - Who likes to get periods while traveling? We know you don’t, no one does. But to our surprise, few reasons have been discovered that supports in positive of this fact. When out on a holiday, you are on your feet more often than lying in your bed indoors which helps in relieving cramps. On a vacation, you are comparatively less stressed which again saves us from the pangs of PMS. Even if you still get mood swings and bouts of PMS, the Vitamin D absorbed in large amount can help. Yes, you read it right – Vitamin D can help reducing PMS.  

Traveling minimizes depression

Another research revealed the psychological effects of traveling. The researches at Wisconsin Medical Journal reported that women who travel every year are less likely to get hit by depression than the ones who go out on vacation every couple of years or more. This one shouldn’t surprise you – it is quite common to know that the sufficient sunlight, active sightseeing and happy experiences boost the serotonin levels in your body making you feel happier and joyful. Moreover, psychologists say that just thinking about a planned vacation can make you feel happier. Another supporting fact is the activities we indulge into on a vacation are absolute mood enhancers.   

Traveling balances stress levels

 If you are still thinking why travel is important, here is the proven answer. How about if we say traveling can bring down your stress levels to minimum? Yes, this can happen for real. When you travel, you are away from the regular chaotic and busy life – both mentally and physically. Imagine yourself chilling out in a beach shack in Andaman Islands and scuba diving deep into the blue pristine waters. Will you still think about the stressful things back home? Absolutely not!

So, travel across the world and keep your health in check. Call the travel agents at iEagle for cheap flight tickets to any place you want to explore.

Travel is the new way of living life.




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