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In Italy 3 out of 10 people are overweight and jump from one diet to another without getting results, without knowing that there is a very simple solution for everyone: choosing a vegan diet to lose weight and a healthy, tasty and balanced vegan cuisine .

Many people ask themselves: is a vegan diet good for weight loss? What information do I need to know to set up an effective and fast slimming vegan diet ?

In this article you will discover the main reason why people fail to lose weight; the fact is that we often try to put out a fire by continuing to add fuel to the fire ... with bad results.

This is why we have decided to prepare an action plan for those who know the benefits of the vegan diet and vegetable nutrition and want to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain a constant and lasting weight ...

Does the vegan diet make you lose weight?

The vegan slimming diet is great for losing weight and keeping fit, and one great thing you'll also discover in this action plan is that by using the vegetable diet to lose weight, you won't have to go hungry, but rather, you'll enjoy it of large meals that will make you feel satisfied and happy while you are losing weight!

This is an important novelty: with the slimming vegan diet you will not have to pay attention to what you eat, but what you eat, or the type of food, which we are going to talk about together in a moment.

If you are wondering how to become vegan and believe it is difficult you will be amazed. Are you ready? Let's start with the first point ...

1 - Know Alkaline Vegan Nutrition

Alkaline Vegan Nutrition is a completely vegetable-based diet, based on 3 basic food categories:

fruits and vegetables;
legumes and whole grains;
a moderate amount of reactivated seeds and nuts.
Unlike the vegan diet , this type of diet brings the benefits of detoxification of raw vegan raw food (raw food) because it is based on the intake of large amounts of raw fruit and vegetables, but also integrates some foods cooked conservatively such as cereals and legumes ( therefore it is less rigid and much easier to follow) and inserts a moderate amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids deriving from nuts and reactivated seeds.

One of the main reasons why people fail to lose weight despite caloric restriction is because of the large amount of acid waste stored in adipose tissue.

In practice, the fat is maintained at all costs, because it is a true and proper diluent dustbin that protects the body from the aggressiveness of the acids.

The alkaline slimming vegan diet cleanses your body

Thanks to the Vegan Alkaline Nutrition and the important amount of minerals it contains, the body releases toxic acid waste, regains a correct hormonal balance and has the ability to restore an optimal lipid metabolism!

2 - Know your carbohydrate friends

If you want to lose weight with the vegan diet, you have certainly been warned of the terrible carbohydrates that are enemies of your waistline ...

Well, are you really convinced that carbohydrates make you fat ? The answer is: DEPENDS!

In fact, there is a huge difference between the type of carbohydrates.

Everyone thinks that carbohydrates are bread, pasta and sweets, which are the cause of overweight and avoid them like death, subjecting themselves to frustrating and uncertain caloric deprivations.

The Nutrition Vegan Alkaline is instead based on carbohydrates friends health and ideal weight:

This is excellent news, because this type of food, besides being delicious and nutritious, is rich in fiber and gives a high sense of satiety.

What does it mean?

This means that, unlike low-calorie hyper-protein diets, following a vegan diet to lose weight you can consume portions of food that are satiating, that make you feel satisfied and that involve a significant amount of other positive health effects.

Alkaline Vegan Nutrition and Glycemic Index (IG)

At this point many people may think: but won't all these carbohydrates and fruit sugars create blood sugar problems , inducing weight gain? So they will ask themselves: does the vegan diet make you lose weight ?

The answer can be given directly with this table

As you can see, all or almost all the foods of Vegan Alkaline Nutrition have a low or IG content, so much so that it is precisely the foods that are recommended in the program to cure the diabetes of dr. Neal Barnard ..

Wait: have you already downloaded the free e-book on the 10 HEALTHEST VEGAN FOODS?
(To be included in your daily diet ...

3 - Know the fats

Also on this point there are some interesting surprises: the fats of Alkaline Vegan Nutrition are not as dangerous as those of animals.

Fats are fat and make you fat, of course, but it is interesting to note that vegans who consume intact and raw polyunsaturated fats purely from nuts and olives, are leaner and have excellent levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

So, in a slimming vegan diet , you won't have to fight like a fool even against fat, you can consume a moderate amount, especially if you avoid refined oils, hydrogenated and preserved fats:


Olive ...

Hydrogenated fats (vegetable cream, margarine);
Palm oil;
Coconut oil and butter.
In practice, for a good vegetable slimming program, you could keep the fat percentage between 10% and 15% maximum, choosing from the categories of whole and raw fats, which bring undoubted health benefits.

4 - Choose vegetable proteins to regain form

In the article Hyper-Protein and False Diet we talked about how the weight loss approach based on high-protein diets is dangerous and harmful, as they deprive the body of its fuel par excellence (glucose) and increase calcium losses by more than 50 %.

The classic Atkins weight loss diet has been particularly blamed in the USA for the harmful effects it has on many patients, including severe dehydration, worrying dizziness, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, etc.

Do we want to analyze together the amount of fat and cholesterol present in the most common consumer meats?

It is no secret that meat, even the most common and considered "lean", contains saturated fat and cholesterol (in addition to hormones and drugs) ...

It is not surprising that those who try to lose weight with a high-protein diet often become a slave to the yo yo effect , a problem that does not exist for those who want to lose weight with the vegan diet.

In fact, it is not surprising that such a low-calorie regime can be maintained for a long time and, as soon as carbohydrates are reintroduced, the body tends to be more sensitive and to regain weight with interest!

By choosing Vegan Alkaline Nutrition as a source of protein instead , you will enjoy significant benefits in terms of weight loss and detoxification.

Legumes, cereals, seeds, nuts and green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of amino acids , including fiber, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that will help you lose weight in a healthy, balanced way and above all, in a regular way over time!

5 - Use a nutrition diary program

We have seen that Alkaline Vegetable Nutrition based on live carbohydrates of raw fruit and vegetables can be an important card to play for weight loss in a serious and above all constant way over time ...

But what about calories? And what is the ideal ratio of the various macronutrients to lose weight fast?

It is a correct rule to reduce the daily calorie intake, but as we have seen, with a well-balanced vegan diet to lose weight it is not necessary to "go hungry", because, thanks to its action, it regulates the insulin mechanism for the best and brings the metabolism to work better ...

... plant magic is right here: the insulin response is optimized and your metabolism will start to work much better, allowing you to no longer accumulate every gram of carbohydrate you eat.

As for macronutrients, a good ratio for weight loss purposes is:

80% 10% 10%
70% 15% 15%

You can choose between these macronutrient relationships; the first if you are not very active; the second if you have decided to combine sport with your vegan alkaline nutrition program ...

6 - Match the right training program

Speaking of training, this article would not be complete if we didn't talk about training as a fundamental step for weight loss.

The Nutrition Alkaline Plant has proven in study groups working on weight loss even without doing sports ... but if you manage to match the training program, you can benefit from even more striking results.

The serious and effective training program should consist of:

AEROBIC EXERCISES (purely running, cycling and swimming);
EXTENSION EXERCISES (deep stretching).
Pay close attention because we want to dispel a myth that is hard to die: "low intensity jogging will NOT help you lose that much weight!"

In fact we have recommended you aerobic exercises to exercise a good aerobic base, which you will need to "push hard" in the gym, with weights, at high intensity.

It will be the anaerobic exercises, better if performed in circuits with a high cardiac range that will allow you, together with the slimming vegan diet, to significantly and spectacularly reduce your waist, try it.

Here's what we ultimately learned

We found in this article some basic things about losing weight by adopting a vegan diet:

People struggle to lose weight due to the fact that fat is used by the body to dilute and isolate neutralized acid waste ;
A balanced vegan slimming diet based on live fruit and vegetable carbohydrates helps to lose weight in a healthy and stable way;
You don't need to go hungry and do dangerous high-protein diets to lose weight;
Thanks to plant foods, you can lose weight by eating , without too much food shortages;
Combining a weight program with your vegan diet can amplify the natural weight loss effects.
So the slimming diet par excellence is vegan , because it allows you to eat to satiety losing weight in a balanced but regular way over time, bringing with it other important beneficial health effects.

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