Having a water-cooling: Here are a few dos and doníts!

Posted by greensael on October 16th, 2019

In the last few years, the technical efficiency of computers has increased dramatically. And as a result of that, the speed of the processors of the computer has escalated massively. This has triggered the problem of rising of heat from the computer systems. Earlier and even now most of the systems use cooling fan to keep it cool but by the passage of time it is becoming hard to keep up with the heat of the system that it is producing. Hence, people are shifting to the liquid form to keep their computers cool. Liquid, as in water can cool up a system 30 times faster than the air and in addition to it; the water cooler gives an aesthetic look to the computer. So, if you are thinking to buy a water-cooling please go through the below article and do some shopping from Hotozcoupons.com.au:

1. While Escalating the blocks

While escalating the block, it is preferable for you to have the best contact between the block and the ‘component needs to be cool’. Avoid extreme tightening of the screws so that it becomes hard to make it loose. Instead of that, make it tight appropriately so that the heat of the system properly reaches the radiator to make it cool.

a. Do’s

At first, tighten the screws present at the opposite side of the blocks and then add the other two. Continue tightening the screws until they become a little neat.

b. Don’ts

Avoid over tightening the screws. It will allow the paste to leak out on the sides and will make a poor contact between the block and the CPU. Your CPU and motherboard contact will face severe problems if this happens.

2. While placing the radiator into the case

There are many options you can choose while placing your radiator into the case. Perhaps, there are some particular places where the efficiency of the radiator will provide you to the fullest to keep the components as well as the rest of the system cool. Some users prefer to mount the radiator in such a way that it can pull in the fresh air from outside while some users prefer to push out the air from the case. Both the methods can be utilized properly as long as it is not depriving the other components to be cooled down.

a. Do’s

# Select a place for the radiator that will avoid the bending of it. You can easily adjust the bending of the lines where they can be placed comfortably in the system and if it is an AIO (All-In-One) it will be easier for you to place. Bending of radiator will slow down the speed of water flow.

#Place your radiator in such a way that, the other devices in the machine does not slow down the air flow. Top of the case is one of the best spots to mount the radiator.

# Check and make sure that the fans are pushing the hot air either to the side or up of the radiator.

# Take care of the tightening of the mounting screws or else if it is loose, the radiator will generate a vibration or a noise.

b. Don’ts

# As discussed earlier, avoid bending the tubes as much as possible. It will lower down the quantity of water flow.

# Do not place the radiator too close to other devices. Keeping the radiators too close to the device will push air to the opposite direction and it will cause a stalemate allowing the device to get hot even more.

# Do not allow the radiator to push the air down.

3. While placing the fans

Configuration is the most important part regarding the placements of the fan. A group of people prefers the pulling of air through the radiator and on the other hand a group of people prefers to push out the air from radiator, rest prefers both. Whatever your preference is, the result will be the same.

a. Do’s

Place the fans in a direction where it can allow the flow of hot air freely (preferably to the side). The fans must be blocked as less as possible while pushing or pulling out the air so that it can enhance the performance of the whole system.

b. Don’ts

Do not place your fan in such a way that it pushes the air down. It will allow the air to standstill, increasing the temperature of the device.

If you have water-cooling in your mind you must know the techniques to execute the radiator. To give you a better view about the water-cooling we have mentioned some points above. So, have a look at those points and make your air-cooling perform better.

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