3 Benefits of Giving Your Dog Human-Grade Food

Posted by Maria Dev on October 17th, 2019

You must have come across dog food brands that label their products as ‘human-grade’, but do you know what that means? Are they safer or healthier than traditional pet food?
According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), an advisory body that develops standards and definitions for the pet food industry, there is no strict definition for the term “human grade.” However, this isn’t surprising, because human-grade products are generally not intended for use in feeding animals. The main distinction you have to bear in mind is whether the product is considered “edible” for humans or not. This is a standard set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). A pet product can only carry the official “human-grade” label if it is made from human-grade ingredients and processed in a human food facility. However, do bear in mind, the human-grade dog food will have a few significant benefits for your fur baby as compared to the traditional pet foods. Whether you’re looking to buy mobility bars online or omega DHA bars, keep these few advantages of human-grade dog food in mind when shopping food for you little four-legged friend
*Healthier digestion
Many ingredients listed on commercial pet food bags bulk up the protein percentages and don’t often clarify the quantity of each ingredient. This could possibly mean that the healthiest-sounding ingredients could be used in negligible amounts. Similarly, when a pet food bag claims that it contains 30% protein, it doesn’t mean it’s all digestible. Remember, your dog’s system wasn’t designed to consume the bulk proteins. However, when you switch to fresh, digestible, human-grade food, it will result in better digestion and bowel movement in your pet.
*Better skin and coat
Many dogs suffer from skin issues like rashes, itching, and excessive fur dryness. While pet owners often chalk these symptoms up to allergies, many skin problems can be blamed on the large amount of fillers processed animal food contains. Switching to human-grade dog food will help them improve their skin and hydrate their coats, leaving your dogs coat softer and shinier than ever.
*Better, faster, stronger
Human-grade food made with high-quality ingredients help build stronger immunity and increased vitality. You’ll also find senior dogs show an improved range of motion and increased playfulness after switching to fresh, human-grade diet. The protein and natural antioxidants found in high-quality, human-grade food can also help fight several ailments and illnesses.
It is crucial to give your dog a healthy diet. If you’re looking to buy online omega DHA bars or any dog food, look for products processed in a human food facility.

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