Different types of wine glasses and their uses

Posted by Michel Marino on October 17th, 2019

In any celebration, the presence of wine is essential. However, the type of glass used is vital. Luckily, there are tons of wine glass designs, and the choice depends on different factors. This blog discusses the five different wine glasses in 2020 and the reasons why they are the best.

Plastic wine glasses

Do you have an outdoor event and you need the best glasses but on a budget? Plastic glasses are the perfect choice for such an occasion.  

Why are plastic glasses ideal in 2020?

First, the glasses are ideal for outdoor parties. In most cases, outdoor parties are unpredictable in terms of small accidents. On such occasions, bringing your expensive glassware is not ideal. Fortunately, plastic glasses give your guests the same drinking experience.

Second, plastic glasses are ideal in big parties such as weddings and get-togethers. On such occasions, the cost of buying plastic glasses is lower compared to the time spent washing glassware after the party. If the party is big, for example, it is also impossible to serve everybody a glass of wine with glassware without regularly washing glasses.  

 Flute glasses

Flute glasses are arguably the most popular wine glasses — thanks to their design and availability. In most small events, guests opt flute glasses for the following reasons.

First, flute glasses are comfortable to hold compared to most glasses in the market. The ability to handle flute glasses makes them ideal glasses to move around with, in parties and gatherings. They also have the best stem — which is not long and not too short.

Second, it is impossible to talk about flute glasses without mentioning their tapering rim. The taste of wine and the fragrance are the two things people enjoy in wines. Luckily, flute glasses preserve the aromas for a longer time compared to other types of glasses. 

Tulip glasses

If you prefer curvier glasses as opposed to slim glasses, you should invest in tulip glasses. Like flute glasses, these types of glasses are popular around the world because of the following reasons.

First, they are wider compared to most of the glasses. However, the glass allows you to feel and smell fragrance without allowing the wine to “over breath.” Therefore, using tulip glasses is an added advantage to people who prefer wider glasses for wine fragrance.

Second, it is easy to hold tulip glasses at a party. The design allows you to hold the glass firmly, and it is hard to drop tulip glass while at a party. A set of tulip glasses can last longer if you take care of the glasses. 

What should you look in a wine glass?

First, you should always look for thin rims when buying wine glasses. The main reason why light rims are ideal is their ability to preserve the refreshing fragrance and make the drinking experience better.

Second, any ideal wine glass should be cheaper due to many reasons. In most cases, people drink wine in open areas and with family and friends. Small accidents are inevitable in such cases, and the presence of children makes safety an essential factor. The cost of replacing broken glasses should, therefore, be cheap. Alternatively, use plastic glasses. 

Thirdly, for easy holding, you should consider glasses that have a standard stem length. In most cases, too short or too long stems are not ideal for holding. Therefore, you should buy glasses that have a perfect stem in terms of length. 

Finally, the base of the glass is essential, especially if you intend to use the glass in events. Your choice of the glass, therefore, should give you the best deal in terms of glass stability. In 2020, most glasses have suitable bases, thanks to market requirements. 

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