Five Best Asian Countries to Visit

Posted by rohny01 on October 17th, 2019

Asia brims with culture, history, religion, art and beautiful architecture. With its abundance of tourist spots and attractions, Asia caters to both seasoned and occasional tourists. Whether you’d like a place for relaxation or want to expand your knowledge and understanding of different cultures and their traditions, these are the five best Asian countries that you need to visit for the best tourist experience:

  1. Hong Kong

Imbued with the elements of the Chinese culture, Hong Kong will immerse you in the delightful traditions of the Chinese. You will be able to experience dances of lions and dragons, see firework shows and visit different carnivals that take place every now and then. If you wish to visit more urban locations, Hong Kong is filled with exquisite shopping malls and designer stores as well as their most famous tourist attraction, Disneyland. Therefore, whether you are travelling in order to experience a new culture or have a good time with your family, Hong Kong is the hub that provides all.

  1. India

Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, India harbours the most famous tourist attractions across Asia. You can visit historically renowned places such as the Taj Mahal or the Agra Fort, go on various adventures like trekking or rafting and relish the combination of fresh Indian spices in their traditional delicacies. India’s remarkable architecture and robust history makes up for a trip worth remembering.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is known chiefly for its large beaches and amazing food. With coral reefs trailing around its beach areas and exotic fishes inhabiting the depths of its waters, you will get the perfect opportunity to try out snorkelling or even scuba diving. Afterwards, you can sit down in the restaurants to taste Indonesia’s famous nasi goring and satay, or have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Their many Buddhist temples also serve the chance for you to learn about their religious beliefs, making it both a relaxing and educational trip.

  1. Thailand

If you want to visit Asia, Thailand is a destination you should not overlook. Their exuberant nightlife provides the ultimate experience of partying in a different country. Besides that, the street food of Thailand is one you cannot miss out on, for these tasty delicacies are the central attraction of Thailand. If you wish to participate in the cultural aspect of Thailand, you can visit its many temples, namely the Big Buddha Temple, and go to their local markets to find original Thai handicrafts.

  1. Singapore

Being a developed country, Singapore offers a posh and luxurious experience of its culture and life. Notable for its cleanliness and environmental maintenance, Singapore suits the needs of every tourist. The Hawkers centre in Singapore will invite you to taste a plethora of delicious traditional food. Woodlands, another tourist destination in Singapore will allow you to enjoy nature with its well-maintained parks and memorials, while Jurong East will give you the opportunity to learn about nature and how to maintain it.

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