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Posted by Ashesh Shah Photography LLP on October 17th, 2019

Your business needs product photography for several reasons. If there is no visual demonstration of your products, potential buyers can’t have a clear idea about your offerings and ultimately show no interest in buying. However, you cannot just shoot cheap quality pictures & expect them to rise above the competition. Instead, you need the help of a quality product photographer in Mumbai. Here is how professional product photography in Mumbai can help your business grow.


Imagine you are looking to buy accessories online. Would you buy from a business whose photos are either poorly shot or their items are showcased chaotically with dull angles & lackluster lighting? You simply cannot afford to lose your integrity. Regardless of how good your product is if it’s not presented professionally, it is going to have a negative effect on your business for sure.

Instead, you can hire a product photographer to make an assessment of your inventory and find out how best it could be represented. The best ones won’t try to leave you out of the process completely. They will consult with you regarding what the best possible poses & lighting would be. They will demonstrate you the settings they intend on using. You need to have faith on their judgment but also offer your own suggestions. Through adequate discussion, the 2 of you should be able to reach some sort of mutual understanding.

Stand out:

If you have to pick between 2 identical products with the same cost through online retailers, and only one has professional photography, it looks logical for them to pick that one. Even if the other one was captured reasonably well, there is a noticeable difference between the best part-time work & the best professional work.

Learn the nuances of product photography:

Even if you won’t be personally capturing the images of your products, you can still learn a great deal. Relying on your stock, you might be selling all kinds of different products. A product photographer won’t decide on one aperture, lighting setup, and angle and follow suit for everything in your inventory. Rather, they will reflect on each item on an individual basis. Whether it is jewelry photography, clothing photography, or something else, they will offer it the attention it deserves.

With heavy competition going out there, you need to show your products in the best possible manner. By having access to quality photography in Mumbai, you can show your business’ value like never before.

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