The Power of Music: How it can Benefit Health

Posted by Karan Prakash on October 17th, 2019

Ever experienced a strong urge to feel free, to leave everything, break away all the worldly ties and run away into nothingness, a world of inhuman peace and calm? With the busy and stressful lives, we have these days, I am sure you must have experienced it.

Someone is stressed about submitting his college assignment in time, while the other might be concerned about the waning relationship the person has with their better half. We are faced with different problems every day. Some trivial, while some of them leading to dire consequences. The competition becomes so overwhelming at times that our youth decide to take the ultimate step. In this world of competition and inhuman amounts of stress piling up on our heads, the only thing we long for is to be happy.

Have you ever heard the song titled Blank Space by Taylor Swift? Noticed how the song has a lot of pain and anger in it, you can even feel it yourself if you listen to the song on a loop. The same artist has another song titled “ME!” While the previous song makes you feel sad, the other one makes you feel happy and good about yourself. That’s strange, isn’t it? Two different songs of the same artist made you feel two emotions which were completely opposite. It often also happens that you feel these opposite emotions due to the exact same song.

For example, if you listen to a romantic song when you are single, you might feel that it’s to cliché. If you listen to the song when you are in a relationship, you feel extremely happy and good about yourself. But if you listen to the song after a really bad breakup, you feel either really sad or really angry. One song can make you feel so many different emotions. Also, if you are a Marshmallow fan, you must have heard the song titled “Happier”. Some people cry while listening to the song, but it brings a smile on some people’s faces. Wow! What is this wizardry! Music is an integral part of our everyday life; it can make us feel a tornado of emotions in a matter of seconds. It can make you happy and sad, angry and joyful, all at the same time. It’s magical if you put it that way.

All of us need a getaway from our everyday lives without having to waste too much time, because it is too very precious to be wasted at this point in time. Music is a perfect therapy, an ointment that can heal the deepest of the cuts in seconds. It can even make the saddest person on the planet crack at least a tiny smile. It calms your mind, freeing it from all the dark and unwanted elements.

Music therapy is not called “therapy” for nothing. It not only helps you to feel happy, but it can also cure certain medical disorders (the patients, in that case, are not made to hear pop music though, too bad, therapy music is of a different kind). Listening to music can reduce your anxiety, normalize heartbeats, and stimulate the brain. It has even shown improvement in depression patients.

Everyone has this one song that can make them smile, can make them happy. It is either related to a particular memory associated with that particular song, or just the lyrics which you can relate to.

It doesn’t have to be one particular song, it can also be a category of songs. Like all One Direction songs are a wound healer for me. Whenever I hear “The Best Song Ever”, the image of Zayn dressed up as a girl comes in front of me, and I break into laughter, even after I have been crying for a very long time. Come on, everyone finds that part amusing.

All you have to do is to download that song into your cell phone so that you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, everyone prefers downloading their favorite content and music from YouTube. It saves you a lot of data.

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Everyone has this one song that can make them smile, can make them happy. All you have to do is to download that song into your cell phone so that you can listen to it anytime and anywhere Download music on your device which clears your mind. Download mp3 format songs on your device.

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