Five Distinctive Uses of Tablecloths

Posted by SEO solutions on October 17th, 2019

When people think of using tablecloths, they only think of using it as a covering for the table. But, it should be kept in mind that tablecloths can be used for a lot of different scenarios than just being table coverings.

There’s no doubt that Table Cloth add to the overall decoration of the table and also the room as well. But, you can also use it in other places in your house too. Tablecloths can be used for different uses and occasions, as per your preferences.

The following are some of the distinctive uses for a tablecloth.

Used As Curtains

Every homeowner should have his or her curtains at their homes to decorate their windows. Curtains are mainly used to beautify or dress-up your windows.

But, curtains can be pretty expensive sometimes and you can easily save a lot of money by going with tablecloths. Transforming Table Covers to curtains will indeed be a nice touch.

One of the other problems faced by homeowners is that it’s difficult to find the perfect set of curtains that you’re looking for. But, with tablecloths, you can easily find a fantastic design and that too at a lower price.

Used As Napkins

Napkins are used for a variety of uses:

  •       For personal hygiene including sneezing and coughing.
  •       For wiping mouth and hands after a meal.
  •       For cleaning sweat and grime off the face.
  •       For decorating dinner tables.

You can also use tablecloths as napkins and you will save a ton of money from buying various table decorations. It should also be kept in mind that the material used in tablecloths are also more durable than that of regular readymade bought napkins.

You just need to cut the tablecloth according to the size of the napkins and you’re good to go. Once you’ve done the first part, now is the time to sew the sides of the cut pieces, to prevent fraying.

Tablecloths come in a variety of Table Linen quality and design, which will allow you to make napkins for various occasions.

Used As Dish Towels

When you're planning to make dishcloths off tablecloths, make sure that you use tablecloths mainly made from cotton or polyester. You just need to cut the tablecloth according to the size of a dishtowel and you'll have different dish towels, as much as you like.

You can also turn your old tablecloth to a washing rag for your car or vehicle too.

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