Ridgid Toilet Unclog Magic: Toilet Auger

Posted by Nich Crump on October 17th, 2019

The Ridgid toilet auger with a bulb head [item number: 59787 K-3] is a standard closet auger that serves as a device for unclogging the toilet. Numerous homes around the world use closet auger to meet their basic daily needs. This closet auger is a 3 foot long staff that weighs around 3.4 pounds. It offers a safe and fast removal of all obstacles from the toilet in a short time. It has a durable inner core cable, which is 1/2 inch wrapped in compression and resistant to kinks. Protect the porcelain with its vinyl protector. Its handles are large and easy to use. Its design is not only ergonomic, but also deals with toilets that save water.

The manufacturers of the Ridgid toilet auger have remained a trusted figure in the fields of certainty and the delivery of skilled trades to professionals dedicated to their work. Ridgid guarantees a lifetime warranty in case of defects and failures in its products or the workmanship of the device. This Ridgid toilet auger [59787 K-3] with bulb head is an essential element in its collection of household tools. This Ridgid K-3 bulb head toilet bowl is vented in one piece per set.

You might think why I would like a toilet auger in my household tools. Well, sometimes a plunger does not help you solve your clogged toilet that is when closet auger is useful. This closet auger (Ridgid toilet auger) has a special feature that does not have a plunger, an extensive flexible cable. Using a crank, you can serve your flexible cable in a clogged drain. The toilet auger cable has a strong and robust head that specifically aims to avoid difficult obstructions.

With a combination of the large and comfortable handle, the flexible cable and the crank mechanism, drainage repair is a very simple and easy task. All the problems of the sewer line and the work of repair of drains, detergents and chemicals and auger sinking could not solve it, this closet auger did it at once. If it bothers you with an auger dive and wants a subtle solution, a Ridgid Toilet Auger is what you're looking for! The MFG model number and the MFG part number of the Ridgid toilet auger are K3 59787. You can buy this closet auger at almost any local utility or hardware store; Otherwise, you can also order this closet auger over the Internet.

Like most household tool cabinets, the auger also has its setbacks. One of the few drawbacks of this product is its scruffy. Well, closet auger will make a mess while performing drainage repairs. So prepare a trash bag before beginning our drainage repairs. And sometimes the waste can remain in the bulbous part of the staff. Well, in that case, you just have to wash it. But, less than that, the Ridgid Toilet auger has received very good reviews from customers in various e-commerce sites and magazines. This is a product that you will not regret after buying it.

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