Foil Business Cards and Everything You Need to Know About It

Posted by articlelink01 on October 17th, 2019

One of the most effective and versatile ways to give your business cards a customized, high-end look is foil stamping. Besides making your cards appear classy, it will also irresistibly attract the people around you. Some studies show that using foil effects in your cards will make your business flourish. You can choose to use foil business cards, especially the gold foil-stamped business cards particularly if you want your card to leave the most significant impact on your clients as well as your target audience. Hence, let's dive into some insights about foil business cards as well as the related aspects.

Types of Foils to be Used in Business Cards

A variety of foil stamps can help craft your business cards. Thus, to enlighten you on the options, we're presenting the types of foil stamps.

•    Metallic Foil- Metallic foils offer very much in the way of shining attractiveness and shimmer. You'll get a variety of metallic color options such as gold, silver, green, red, blue and copper.

•    Gloss Pigment Foil- Not only do gloss pigment foils provide you with a lot of gloss, but they also lack a metallic finish as well. What's more, you'll enjoy the options of countless colors.

•    Matte pigment foil- Matte pigment foils have deep solid colors. Such foils have dull as well as non-shiny finishes.

•    Special effect foils- Special effect foils come in several kinds. Some of them include marbles, leathers, wood grains, and pearls. Ideally, the best thing about these foils is that they provide the card with eye-catching appearances and textures.

•    Holographic foil- A great, highly effective way to add a dramatic high-tech effect to your business card is using a holographic surface without any hesitation. This would amazingly work for you.

Which Papers are Compatible With Foil Stamps?

Virtually all kinds of papers are compatible with foil stamps. Magnet papers, synthetic papers, and plastic papers are, in particular, compatible with foil stamps. Suitably, you can use luster uncoated, smooth-surfaced and matter cover stocks since they are best compatible with the foil stamps. Such foil stamps can also be used in postcard printing as well. And if you're searching for 6x11 postcard printing, using the Gold foil stamped business cards is the finest option.

Tips to Design Foil Stamped Business Cards.

•    Your cards' background and foil stamping should come in sharp contrasts. Since foil stampings are outwardly opaque, a light-colored foil with a dark background would be a good fit.

•   A font that's at least 8 pt and is professional-looking, and makes it easier for people to read it with ease at glance.

•    Include 3mm bleed on the edges so you accommodate slight cutting variations.

Therefore, these are a few things you should understand about foil business cards.

Using a postcard as your business card is a great idea. Thus, go for a 6x11 postcard printing . Also, if you would like to use color foil stamps, we would suggest using Gold foil stamped business cards .

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