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For years the only wrist decoration a man was brave enough to wear was a classic watch. But finally men’s bracelets have been liberated and bracelets have become a major new trend in men’s fashion.

Men Fashion Beaded Bracelets in Dubai

You have to be careful, of course, you don’t want to make it look like you’ve raided your girlfriend’s jewellery box. For a casual look opt for beads in muted colours, such as browns, blacks and whites and keep it classy by choosing semi-precious stones such as onyx, tigers eye or agate. For something more sophisticated choose leather or silver, or leather and silver combined. Play around until you find something that suits your style. Layer bracelets of similar colours and tones or go for contrast and alternate silver with beads. This is an entirely new fashion and there are no rules. Be playful. Experiment. And let your own personality shine through.

#1- Beaded Bracelets

Men Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets have become incredibly popular in the past few years. Wear them with a smart outfit and they say “hey, don’t think I’m uptight”. Wear them with a casual outfit and they make you look a well-travelled man-about-town. These bracelets usually consist of a stretch string and multiple beads. It is better to opt for a high-quality bead such as a semi-precious stone, lava or coral for a sophisticated, masculine look. Experiment with combining colours and textures on the same arm by layering beaded bracelets made with different materials; perhaps a tigers eye bracelet between two blue agate bracelets to team with a denim or leather jacket. Or you could try layering different beaded bracelets of the same colour, but different stones, such as combining a hematite bracelet with a lava stone bracelet and an onyx bracelet for a monochrome look that works well with a grey or black suit.

Here at Roano all our beaded bracelets are made with natural stones and sterling silver beads for a quality bracelet that will last. Browse our beaded men bracelets to find the perfect combination for you.

#2- Leather Bracelets

Genuine Leather Bracelets online

Leather bracelets are the archetypal masculine bracelet. Men have worn leather bracelets for thousands of years and they were part of the uniform for Greek and Roman soldiers at the time of Christ. Here at Roano you can choose between a simple plaited leather bracelet, for an understated look, or a bold leather and steel bracelet to really bring out your personality. 

Browse our Leather men bracelets to find the leather bracelet that suits your style.


#3- Silver Bracelets 

Sterling Silver Men Bracelets

For a classy look choose a silver bracelet. Simple and effective a silver bracelet will complement your skin tone and work well with both casual and formal attire. A sterling silver bracelet is an investment piece that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come. A silver bracelet will never go out of fashion and works well with a statement watch. Have a look at our popular hand-crafted square sterling silver Bracelets along with the rest of our collection.   

Roano Collection - Why Should You Choose Us?

Here at Roano Collection, we offer men’s bracelets that are mainly made of sterling silver and semi-precious stones like tigers eye, agate, lava, matte onyx and coral. The quality of our stones and sterling silver makes us different from others. Our products are uniquely designed to fit the style of the latest fashion and are made using high-end handcrafted techniques. Whether you are looking for a beaded bracelet or silver bracelet to jazz up your style, we will have a bracelet to suit your own unique style. Visit our website to view all our men’s bracelets collection.

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